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Actors have been an iconic part of the history of humanity, telling stories of love and tragedy through all forms of life, inspiring the imaginations of millions.

As the conveyors of stories, actors are artists of their craft, and there’s just not enough love for them! Actors’ Day aims to show appreciation for actors in our lives by showcasing their history and how they have influenced people’s lives. 

History of Actors’ Day

Thespis stepped onto the stage at the Theatre Dionysus to become the first known performer to speak a character’s words and express their story back in 534 BC.

Because of this, actors today are sometimes commonly referred to as Thespians because of their craft. Acting since the times of Ancient Greece has become an art form, a form of entertainment that has transcended time. While in Ancient Greece the forms of acting occurred with drama plays and as the Roman Empire flourished, theatrical plays were filled with spectacle and diverse.

As time passed, the Middle Ages, during its time of Catholic influence, attempted to deem acting as a dangerous, immoral, and a pagan art form, which lowered its popularity significantly. The Renaissance period then brought it back and transformed it again with morality plays and then came William Shakespeare in the 1700s, who solidified theater acting in its place. 

Since then, acting has become a highly respected art form, as famous actors from all over the world play characters from plays, books, and scripts, and then convey those characters through theater plays, Broadway shows, and films.

These actors were all male, and it wasn’t until the late 19th century that women began to appear in plays and movies in their own right. Actors’ Day is all about celebrating the way actors make us feel when they portray our favorite characters and help us appreciate the art form as a whole.  

How to Celebrate Actors’ Day

Take part in your local theater, whether it’s a high school, college, or a youth theater in your community! Take acting classes to see how you do! If you don’t feel that you’re the best at acting, then support your local theater by donating money, theater props, or buying tickets to see your favorite plays.

Research information about your favorite actors in film and television, and take this day to watch their greatest works. Host a movie night with friends and family and share this holiday with everyone!