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The human body is remarkably easy to damage and break, and no more so than when a person is busy participating in strenuous physical activity such as sports or athletics. But the need for physical therapy can also be triggered through accidents, illness, neurological disease and much more. World Physical Therapy Day is here to show appreciation for the folks who are instrumental in bringing healing through exercise and movement therapy. 

Physical therapists work to undo damage, educate on healthy behavior and to restore lost or damaged functionality. Physical Therapy Day, then, is dedicated to these professionals throughout the world, and aims to recognize their commitment to keeping everyone all fighting-fit.

History of World Physical Therapy Day

World Physical Therapy Day (also called World PT Day) got its start more than a couple of decades ago, in 1996, when it was established by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. The date is set for September 8 because that was the date of the World Confederation’s founding several decades earlier, in 1951. The organization is now simply known as World Physiotherapy.

This date is meant to celebrate the unity and togetherness that is experienced through the cooperation and solidarity of the physical therapy community that exists in countries all over the globe.

Each year, the organizers of the day choose a theme that embodies an important aspect of the day and of physical therapy in general. In the past, various themes of World Physical Therapy Day have included topics such as: Add Life to Years, Fit for Life, and Osteoarthritis.

World Physical Therapy Day offers a perfect opportunity to show appreciation for, learn more about, and get involved with the community of physical therapists that keeps people moving and healthy in a wide variety of ways!

How to Celebrate World Physical Therapy Day

Make the most of World Physical Therapy Day by enjoying and celebrating the day with some of these ideas:

Do Some Physical Therapy

Many folks have been assigned physical therapy treatments or exercises that they sometimes let fall by the wayside. World Physical Therapy Day is a great time to get those exercises back out and get moving. Leg lifts, arm stretches, shoulder movement or neck exercises can all be part of the way that bodies can benefit from stretching and movement. Just be sure to check with a medical professional before starting a new routine on your own.

Thank a Physical Therapist

Anyone who has been to a physical therapist or has one in their life can easily use World Physical Therapy Day as an opportunity to show some appreciation and thanks. Give them a card to say thank you, send them flowers, buy them a gift or take them out to lunch. This day is the perfect time to celebrate those folks in life who are bringing health and healing to the people of the world!

Access the World Physical Therapy Day Toolkit

Since World Physical Therapy Day is sponsored by World Physiotherapy, it’s natural that the organization would provide tools and resources to those who function in the profession of physical therapy. Whether working for a doctor’s office, doing marketing for a physical therapist or some other job, it’s easy to get access to the World PT Day toolkit online, available in dozens of different languages. These posters and flyers offer graphics that help to not only promote the day but also offer options for exercises that almost anyone can do to improve their health.

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