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Although it can be seen that industrialization in Africa is gradually increasing, it continues to fall significantly behind many other parts of the world, which has an impact on Africa’s development and its ability to interact on a global level.

History of Africa Industrialization Day

Africa Industrialization Day is the day when a large number of African governments and organizations gather to examine various different ways to stimulate the industrialization process in the continent of Africa. This special day attracts a large amount of attention from around the world, with special seminars, meetings and other types of events that are held throughout Africa as well as some other places in the world.

This day was established by the United Nations in December of 1989 and then was first celebrated in November of the following year. Since that time, Africa Industrialization Day supports a “renewed commitment towards an inclusive and sustainable industrialization and economic diversification”.

Many of the events that take place on Africa Industrialization Day are attended by national leaders and representatives. On this day, an effort is made to bring together the leaders of as many African countries as possible so that they are able to strive for common goals that benefit industrialization in Africa as a whole. In fact, since 2018, an effort has been made to not only celebrate the one day, but to extend it into a week long event.

In 2013, the Heads of States and Governments of the African Union devised a 50 year plan for the countries of Africa to move in the right direction toward healthy change. AGENDA 2063 acts as a manifest for the pan-African drive toward transformation as it seeks to make the continent a global powerhouse.

Each year, Africa Industrialization Day has a unique theme that represents an important issue that needs to be brought into focus. Some themes have included topics such as:

  • Supporting Climate-Smart Development in Africa
  • Positioning Africa Industry to supply the Africa Continental Free Trade Area Market
  • Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development
  • SMEs for Poverty Eradication and Job Creation for Women and Youth

Africa Industrialization Day offers an opportunity for reflection on the past as well as setting goals and implementing plans that will take Africa toward a greater future!

How to Celebrate Africa Industrialization Day

Show some support and appreciation for Africa by getting involved with Africa Industrialization Day. Find some important ways to pay heed to the day and celebrate with some of these ideas:

Attend Africa Industrialization Day Events

Many people may not be able to head to Africa to join in on such events, but it is important to note that some educational and governmental meetings and events may also be held in local arenas including universities, libraries and other places. Check to see what types of forums, speeches or political events are in the local area and get involved with one!

Learn Facts About Africa Industrialization

In celebration and honor of Africa Industrialization Day, perhaps it would be interesting to learn and share some facts about the continent that might increase awareness around the issue and concerns. Check out some of these facts about Africa that can be shared out of respect for the day:

  • Africa is the least industrialized region on the planet.

  • On the entire continent of more than 50 countries, only one country (South Africa) is considered to be fully industrialized.

  • The Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is working to form the world’s largest free trade area by building up a single market for goods.

  • One of the critical causes of poverty in Africa is the scarcity of well-paid, sustainable jobs, but the growth of the manufacturing industry should help.

Learn Some History of Africa

One super way to support Africa Industrialization Day might be to do some online research or go to the library and check out some books about the history of Africa. Much benefit can come from understanding, and learning about the ways Africa has developed allows people from all over the world to be supportive and encouraging for Africa to move into the future.

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