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Chip Coffey, Theresa Caputo and Sylvia Brown are just a few of the famous names that have been associated with psychic abilities in recent years. On Psychic Day, it’s time to learn more about this field of study, get to know some of the famous players, and perhaps even host a celebration in honor of the day! 

History of Psychic Day

Claiming to have Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), psychics have been around, whether legitimate or swindlers, for centuries. The first record of the use of the word “psychic” can be traced to Camille Flammarion, who was a French astronomer and spiritualist. The word then came into regular use in the English language during the late 19th century.

Psychic Day is a day that is set aside to give people the opportunity to hone their psychic abilities. Its origin dates all the way back to nineteenth century England. But it wasn’t until the 1960s that a man named Richard R. Falk, an agent in Hollywood, brought about the observance of National Psychic Week.

As part of Psychic Week, Psychic Day is celebrated to raise awareness for the interesting powers of people who “know” things that they could not know in any other way.

Of course, one ironic fact about Psychic Day is that, as of its celebration in 2021, only about one in five psychics surveyed showed that they knew anything about the day at all. (Of course, they can’t know everything, but isn’t knowing stuff the point of being a psychic, though?)

In any case, whether serious or fun, Psychic Day offers a range of fun and activities for enjoying and celebrating!

How to Celebrate Psychic Day

People can find out what they know as they observe Psychic Day in some of these delightful ways:

Determine Those Psychic Abilities

Many psychics believe that everyone has a built in sixth-sense but they just don’t realize it. The purpose of psychic day is for people to take the time to try and improve this psychic power in order to develop the abilities lying dormant within them.

Here are a few suggestions that might help:

  • Guess who is calling (without looking at caller ID) when the phone rings.
  • Take a deck of cards and try to guess the color of the suit. Continue and eventually try to predict the particular suit name and number.
  • Flip a coin and then predict if it will fall on heads or tails.
  • Grab a crystal ball and observe what there is to be seen inside of it!

Host a Psychic Day Party

Folks who want to get on board with the observance of Psychic Day can do so by gathering friends together for a little party in celebration of all-things-psychic. Invite friends to dress up as their favorite famous psychic. Provide snacks that offer the psychic theme, like cookies or a cake decorated to represent a crystal ball. It might even be fun to invite a real-live psychic to the event for guests to have one-on-one meetings with to see if they can tell their future!

Create a Psychic Day Playlist

Of course, the music is a critical part of having a celebration, so enjoy playing some of these psychic-themed tunes in honor of the Psychic Day:

  • Psychic by Chris Brown (2022)
  • Fortune Teller by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss (2007)
  • The Clairvoyant by Iron Maiden (1988)
  • One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below) by Bob Dylan (1976)

Read Some Books About Psychics

One interesting way to get on with observing Psychic Day might be to do a bit more research about folks who are, or consider themselves to be, psychic. Head over to the local library to pick up a few books on the subject and see what there is to learn!

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