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Ever had a friend tell of an experience where aliens dropped down from the sky, picked them up and took them away in their spaceship for a period of time?

No, this is not the storyline from an old sci-fi movie – it’s a reason for celebrating. Because it’s time for Alien Abduction Day!

History of Alien Abduction Day

Sometimes known as Extraterrestrial Abduction Day, this event likely got its start in the early 2000s and then was made much more popular through the festival for Alien Abduction Day which took place in Toronto in 2008. This day is particularly set aside for those who believe that they have had an experience being abducted by aliens, but it’s also for those who are in support of the cause!

Stories of people who have been abducted by aliens or extraterrestrial beings date back hundreds of years. In fact, one of the first recorded incidents of an abduction in North America took place in 1639, before the US was even a country. In the Massachusetts Bay Colony, governor John Winthrop records in his diary that a group of three men witnessed a great light and a flaming apparition. Afterwards, their rowboat was mysteriously moved a mile up the river, against the tide, but no one could explain why.

Over time, other UFO sightings and mysterious occurrences have taken place throughout history. While many of these come with great scrutiny and disbelief, there are certainly a number of folks who are deeply convinced of their experiences.

Those alien-loving people who are looking for other times throughout the year to celebrate unique experiences with ET-types might want to consider observing some other days that include World Contact Day also in March, Alien Day in April, and Extraterrestrial Culture Day in February.

How to Celebrate Alien Abduction Day

Believers and skeptics alike are invited to observe and celebrate Alien Abduction Day, getting started with some of these ideas:

Tell Alien Abduction Stories

Those who have truly had an experience that defies logic and human knowledge may want to take Alien Abduction Day as an opportunity to tell their story to the world! After all, this might be just the time when others are also telling what happened to them, and a community might even be created through the experience. Post stories online, on social media or a blog, and see what kind of conversations come out of it.

Visit New Mexico

There is probably no area in the US that has more claim to UFO sightings and alien abductions than the southwestern state of New Mexico. So it makes sense that a celebration of Alien Abduction Day might include a trip to this interesting, desert state. While Roswell certainly has its share of fame that surrounds the idea of extraterrestrials, another city called Dulce, in the far northern part of the state, also claims a number of sightings of UFOs and fast moving lights – with even one claim of a Bigfoot sighting!

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