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Last night, once again, I had a dream
About an eagle in the blue,
And just like all the other dreams,
Right above my head it flew.
In every dream of it I had,
It landed somewhere close by,
And each time, I was so excited
For the beauty that caught my eye.

Stacy Smith – Majestic Dreams

The Bald Eagle, also known colloquially as the American Eagle, has long stood as a symbol of freedom and liberty in a country formed in its pursuit. This creature was chosen for the strength and beauty of its form and its longevity in the wild. They are strong protectors of their nests and are native to the country it represents. National American Eagle Day celebrates this majestic bird and its place in its country’s history, and how it came to be the symbol of what was once considered the greatest nation on Earth.

History of National American Eagle Day

The use of the American Eagle as the bird to represent the country did have a tumultuous history. There were several seals established for the United States in 1776, but none of them were accepted by Congress. Eventually, the job of designing the seal was given to Charles Thomson, the then serving secretary of Congress, who took all the best elements of the presented designs and improved on them by adding this majestic bird to the seal.

While Benjamin Franklin was never actually recorded as lobbying for the Turkey to be the national bird, it is known that he described the Bald Eagle as being a “bird of bad moral character”. The bird was included on the seal, and soon it became one of the most recognizable icons of the American culture. Unfortunately, this majestic bird has also been threatened with extinction, and National American Eagle Day reminds us of the role it has served in national pride, the pursuit of freedom and liberty, and that it must be preserved as an honor to our country.

How to celebrate National American Eagle Day

The best way to celebrate National American Eagle Day is to pick out a piece of clothing with this amazing animal on it and show your national pride. Then get out there and raise awareness about its endangered status and volunteer to help preserve its place in nature. It would be a tragedy to have this symbol of America lost to the past through lack of conservation and effort. So get out the today and help the American Eagle, and let freedom ring!

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