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American Quilters Society Week, held from April 27 to April 30 every year, spotlights the art of quilting.

This special week celebrates the creativity and skill of quilters, individuals who dedicate themselves to the craft of making beautiful, intricate quilts.

Quilting requires an eye for color and design, patience, precision in sewing, and a flair for creativity. The week acknowledges these artists and their dedication to creating warmth and beauty​​.

Quilts are more than just bed covers; they are expressions of art that date back centuries, connecting cultures and communities.

The American Quilters Society, formed to honor today’s quilters, focuses on fostering growth in quilt making, design, self-expression, and collection.

The society hosts events across the country, offering workshops, displays of award-winning quilts, and opportunities for quilters to learn and share.

These events are significant, featuring the best instructors and vast vendor malls, making a substantial impact on the quilting community by offering large cash prizes, thanks to sponsors​​.

The importance of this week lies not just in celebrating the warmth quilts provide but also in recognizing quilt-making as a form of art.

Quilting allows for an explosion of aesthetics, with artists experimenting with textiles, colors, and textures to create stunning visual effects. This week is a tribute to quilters’ artistic and technical talent, showcasing how quilts can be both functional and beautiful pieces of art​.

History of American Quilters Society Week

The American Quilters Society (AQS) has a rich history that mirrors the evolution and passion of quilting in the United States.

It all began when Meredith and Bill Schroeder, fueled by their love for quilts and quiltmaking, attended a national quilt show in 1983.

Surprised by the massive turnout and enthusiasm, they were inspired to form the American Quilters Society the following year. Their goal was clear: to give quilters and their work national recognition and set high standards in the industry.

The first major milestone was the AQS’s inaugural quilt show and contest in Paducah, Kentucky, in April 1985.

This event, underwritten by the Schroeders with significant cash prizes, attracted thousands of visitors. It marked the beginning of what would become a series of successful quilt shows across the nation. The AQS didn’t stop there.

Over the years, they’ve expanded their efforts to promote quilting through various means. This includes the AQS Quilt Exposition in Nashville, the production of the American Quilter television series, and the development of a college program in partnership with West Kentucky Community & Technical College.

In 2009, the AQS celebrated its 25th anniversary, cementing its status as a premier international quilting event.

This legacy is further honored through the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, founded by the Schroeders to showcase contemporary quilts. Today, the AQS continues to support quiltmakers with educational resources, contests, and a vibrant community for quilters of all levels.

This endeavor has significantly impacted the quilting world, creating a space for artists and enthusiasts to celebrate this timeless craft.

For more details on the history and impact of the American Quilters Society, you can visit their official website and National Today’s page on American Quilters Society Week.

How to Celebrate American Quilters Society Week

Ready to celebrate American Quilters Society Week uniquely? Here are some quirky and playful suggestions to get you started:

Join the Patchwork Parade: Imagine strutting around your neighborhood wrapped in your favorite quilt. Why not? It’s a great way to show off your handiwork and spread the love for quilting.

Quilt-ify Your Profile Pic: Swap out your regular social media profile pictures for photos of your quilts. It’s like giving your online presence a cozy makeover.

Host a Quilt Viewing Party: Think of it as an art show at your place. Hang quilts around your home and invite friends over for a tour. Bonus points for serving snacks on quilt-patterned plates.

Take a “Quilt-cation”: Dedicate the week to starting, working on, or finishing a quilt. Turn on some tunes, and let the sewing marathon begin!

Quilt Bomb Your City: With permission, of course. Wrap tree trunks, park benches, or other public items in quilted goodness. It’s a warm hug for your community.

Host a Quilting Bee Online: Use video calls to connect with fellow quilters. Work on your projects together, share tips, and enjoy the company.

Craft a Mini Quilt for a Mini Friend: Make a tiny quilt for a pet, a doll, or perhaps as a gift for a future quilter. It’s a sweet way to share the quilting love.

Visit Quilting Exhibitions or Museums: Many places have special displays for American Quilters Society Week. It’s a chance to see amazing works and get inspired​​.

Each of these activities is a unique way to celebrate the art of quilting and spread the joy it brings. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or new to the craft, there’s no wrong way to celebrate!

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