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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Alexander Justice

Planning to throw a load of old junk in the rubbish bin? Stop for just a moment! National Another Look Unlimited Day encourages people to take another look through what they are throwing in the trash and, instead, identify things that could be donated to charity, given to friends, or recycled in another way. Keep those garbage dumps and landfills from filling up too quickly and celebrate National Another Look Unlimited Day!

History of National Another Look Unlimited Day

Situated on the day following Labor Day, which means it always falls on a Tuesday, National Another Look Unlimited Day offers an opportunity for a well-deserved clear out, since it’s been quite a few months since that Spring cleaning happened! Clear out those closets, spend some time sorting through the attic, or go through those storage tubs in the garage. Then, while taking another look, get creative with the places that these items might be able to be used.

Have a neighbor who could use some hand-me-downs from the kids? National Another Look Unlimited Day offers the ideal time to pass them on. Wondering what to do with all of those leftover craft supplies? See if a local after school program or scout troop could use them. This might even be a good time to make a donation of canned goods, pasta or shelf stable items to a local food pantry.

Get excited about passing on gently used items that are not yet ready to head to a landfill. Reuse. Recycle. Upcycle. Hand things down. And so much more is possible on National Another Look Unlimited Day!

How to Celebrate National Another Look Unlimited Day

National Another Look Limited Day is a great time to find some relief and clear out some space by getting rid of things, all while sharing with others who might really be able to use them. Get on board with the day by implementing some of these ideas:

Donate Some Items

One of the best things that can be done in honor of National Another Look Unlimited Day is to collect those extra items that have been hanging around the house and give them to someone who can use them. Whether it’s a pile of extra blankets that are no longer needed or some pictures and decorations that probably won’t be used again. Some charities will take drop offs every day, while others might even send a truck around to pick up extra items. It’s simple and easy to help someone out while also clearing out some extra space.

Learn More About Decluttering

Some folks live for many years with piles of items that they simply don’t need, use or enjoy. Decluttering is an activity that offers people the opportunity to literally create more space in their lives, which can be not only soothing but can also help people live in a more stress free way!

Not sure how to go about decluttering? In honor of National Another Look Unlimited Day, head on over to the library to check out a book on the subject and then read them. Another resource that might be great would be to watch some videos about decluttering on YouTube. Gain some skill, grab some sorting bins, and get started with celebrating the day!

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