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“Take me out to the ball-game!” Because this time toward the end of the Major League Baseball season is a perfect time to join in with National Spalding Baseball Day. 

History of National Spalding Baseball Day

National Spalding Baseball Day was founded as an opportunity for players, coaches and fans to celebrate the iconic game of baseball and one of its important legends. This day is placed on the calendar to coincide with the birth of Albert Goodwill Spalding, who also went by “A.G.”. Spalding, from Byron, Illinois, was an American baseball icon who was not only a pitcher but also worked as a manager and an executive in the late 1800s. He began his career as a pitcher for the Boston Red Stockings.

After playing in major league baseball from 1871–1878, Spalding continued on not only as a manager and an executive, but he also wrote the first official set of rules for the game. But the reason that most people may find the Spalding name familiar is because of the sporting goods company he started with his brothers. As A.G. was one of the first to set the trend of wearing a baseball glove, it made sense that his company manufactured equipment for the game of baseball.

Not only did Spalding encourage the popularity of baseball throughout the United States, but he was also the originator of the 1888–1889 world tour. During this time, the group traveled to Egypt, Italy, France, England, Ireland and the US where the sport of baseball was promoted, encouraging people all over the world to play.

National Spalding Baseball Day is here to show appreciation not only for the contribution Mr. Spalding made to the game of baseball, but also for the game itself. In addition, the day celebrates the players and fans who have made baseball a beloved icon of American culture that has spread across the globe.

How to Celebrate National Spalding Baseball Day

Get excited about showing some love for baseball and make some plans to celebrate National Spalding Baseball Day. Check out some of these ideas to get involved with:

Play Some Baseball

Surely an easy way to get involved with National Spalding Baseball Day would be to grab a glove, a bat, some bases and a few friends and play a little game. Those who don’t have a large group of people to play can certainly just have two gloves (perhaps made by the Spalding company) and play catch between them. Or, head on over to a place that offers access to public batting cages and practice some hitting. It’s a fun and healthy pastime!

Learn Fun Facts About Baseball 

Have loads of fun and get involved with National Spalding Baseball Day by learning and then sharing some fun facts about baseball in honor of the day. Do some online research, interview a person who plays baseball, or get started with some of these bits of trivia for the day:

  • The first Major League Baseball team was the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

  • The player with the most World Series Appearances and wins is Yogi Berra.

  • The first female MLB head coach was Alyssa Maken, working for the San Francisco Giants.

  • Cal Ripken, Jr. holds the record for playing the most consecutive MLB games, with 2600, which was set between 1982 and 1998.

Attend a Baseball Game

Make some plans to join in on American tradition and head out to the baseball field in honor of National Spalding Baseball Day. Baseball is one of those professional sporting events that encourages people to not only watch a game but also have something of a picnic or party. Camp out in the stands with snacks, some hot dogs, drinks and more in celebration of this day – and perhaps watch some baseball being played too!

Enjoy a Seventh Inning Stretch

While at the baseball game, don’t forget to get connected with the fun that comes during the seventh inning stretch. This tradition got started in 1910 when President William Howard Taft went to a baseball game in Pittsburgh and stood up to stretch during the seventh inning. Since that event, the seventh-inning stretch has become a time for fans to rise from their seats and take a break, and often sing songs together. It has become an important part of the baseball game experience!

National Little League Baseball Week takes place in the middle of June, as does National Play Catch Day while Babe Ruth Day is scheduled for April 27. 

National Spalding Baseball Day FAQs

How many innings in baseball?

College and professional baseball games have 9 innings while high school and softball games have only seven innings.[1]

When does baseball season start?

The regular baseball season usually begins in late March or early April.[2]

How long do baseball games last?

New rules in 2023 shortened the average professional 9-inning baseball game from around 3 hours to about 2 ½ hours.[3]

What is a balk in baseball?

A balk is an illegal motion a pitcher makes that is intentionally deceitful.[4]

Does Spalding still make baseball gloves?

Spalding, the creator of the world’s first baseball glove, still makes gloves today.

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