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Every year, your cat grants you the power to understand and speak its language, giving you a great opportunity to communicate with them and answer their questions. We think it’s some kind of magic, but we’re not the ones asking the questions–our cat is!

Joking aside, cats are complex creatures that can be affectionate and loving on one day and terrified of everything the next. They’re sensitive and curious creatures that love being social, but they also value their alone time and will strut around like they own the house if they’re confident enough. Their nature makes them difficult to understand, and that’s why Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is such an important bonding experience that can help you understand your cat better.

Learn about Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

Of course, you’re won’t actually be talking to your cat. Instead, it’s more an exercise that will help you see things from the eyes of your cat. It’s the equivalent of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, only you’re replacing the shoe with cat paws.

It’s about paying closer attention to your cat and trying to understand their motives, movements and attitude. Whether it’s the volume of their meowing or their incessant scratching of certain objects, taking the time to sit down and try to imagine yourself in your cat’s body can help you bond with your feline friend.

It’s an incredibly fun event that has you pondering what type of questions your cat would ask you if you could communicate. While your cat can’t speak human and you can’t speak cat, there are still plenty of ways to interact and communicate with them, such as showing affection or scolding them when they do something bad. By putting yourself in your cat’s shoes for a day, you can try to understand what they do, why they do it and how you can improve your bond.

We love Answer You Cat’s Questions Day for a number of reasons! Cats are naturally inquisitive. They love to explore and stick their noses in things! They are also independent and they have their own mind. Therefore, this day probably resonates with all of you cat owners out there that are reading this. We’re sure there have been plenty of times that you have looked at your cat and pondered what he or she is thinking. Well, now is the time to find out and provide them with the answers that they have been searching for!

History of Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

We have Ruth Roy and Thomas Roy of to thank for this date. You may recognize the couple from some of the other days of the year on our website, as this is not the only date they have created. They decided to create Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day so that it gave people an opportunity to understand cats better. The day encourages pet owners to look at their feline friends and find answers to the questions their cat has. This day has been designed for all cat lovers who want to understand their pets more and help their cats to have a better life. This is assured to build a better beyond between you and your cat.

How to celebrate Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day doesn’t require you to do anything outdoors or expensive. It’s all about sitting down with your cat and thinking about what questions they could be asking you in different situations. You then try to answer them and see if it helps you understand how you could improve your cat’s life and make them happier. It’s an exercise that encourages you to learn more about your cat, its behavior and how you can help them be happier.

It can be hard to think up some questions, so we’ve put together a shortlist of ones that your cat might ask you.

  • Why do you love taking photos of me with that flashing camera every day?
  • Why can’t you tell when I’m tired of your petting and cuddling? I want to be left alone!
  • Why do you keep bringing different people into the home? It makes me anxious!
  • Why don’t you let me outside, even just for a little bit? I’m an outdoor cat, after all!

Another way to celebrate Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is to make a video with your cat. This is a great way to make all of your friends and followers laugh on social media while making more people aware of this date. You can film yourself answering a number of different questions that your cat “asks.” You could even get your friends involved and make it a group video. Post it to social media, and cross your fingers while you hope to go viral!

We would also encourage you to spend some time online looking for different blogs, forums, and online communities that you can get involved in. There are a lot of forums that are dedicated to pet owners today. You can communicate with other cat owners, answering their questions, and reading some of the tips and advice that they provide. This can be a great way of connecting with people that love cats as much as you do!

Why not cuddle up with your cat on the sofa and watch a film together? We’re not sure how long your cat will stay put, but hopefully, a bit of stroking and a cuddle will keep them there for a while! Plus, they may enjoy seeing some fellow cats on the television. There are a lot of great films about Cats. Of course, there is the film “Cats” but there are plenty of others too, including Nine Lives, The Secret Life of Pets, Puss in Boots, and for those Disney fans out there we’re sure you can remember The Aristocats film. This ‘70s film is an adventure musical comedy, which revolves around a cat family. We can’t think of a better film to watch on this day.

For more inspiration, consider looking at the #AnswerYourCatsQuestionsDay hashtag on social media.

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