It may come as no surprise that I am a gamer. I love games. And Video Games Day is the perfect excuse for me to sit at my PC and play all day! But, I have not always been a PC gamer that took some getting used to. I started way back in the day on a Commodore 64. When I was a young lass we didn’t have all these fancy graphics.

Don’t get me wrong, the fancy graphics are amazing but in my lifetime we have gone from a pixelated mess to well a pixelated mess if you play Minecraft. FYI I really like Minecraft. To have lived through the evolution of the gaming world is amazing and kids these days don’t know they are born with what they have, I’m only mid 30’s by the way.

Anyone remember the Mega Drive? I still have mine, it’s in the attic but I still have it. But oh my gosh Sonic was my game on the MD. Oh the times it wouldn’t load and you had to take the cartridge out and blow on it just in case any dust got in there. I have spent hours on that bad boy and it has served me well. I may have to get it out just for the day! My next console was the PlayStation.

Ah the PS1. I have this in the attic as well, along with the other version of it. do you remember the bubble version of this bad boy? Half the size but still just as good. When I got to my PlayStation phase I found Final Fantasy! Ahhhh! This game got a lot of play in its day. I stopped playing when it got to them dress orbs things, what were they? I was with PlayStation for a few generations and then I jumped ship to…

Yes, I know but I haven’t gone back to the PlayStation since. The game that brought me to the Xbox family? Fable, Oh how I loved this game, and still do, the third was the best in regards to ecosystems and renting house, marriage and weapon development. I know there may have been other game out there like it but this was my jam! I then traded in for the newer 360 and I now have the Xbox one that is now more of an entertainment centre then a game console for me as I moved onto PC games!

Over the past decade (oh jeez) I have built my own PC’s choosing custom set up instead of an of the shelf one. This is purely so that I can make sure I get the best components to make sure that it is at least a few years future proof and doesn’t get outdated immediately. I have had some amazing games on the PC and continue to really enjoy Minecraft. I know, I know, but the game is so modded now that there are hundreds of things to do in the game.

Which game will you be dusting off in celebration? Or maybe you’ll be getting an old favorite console out of the attic? Well, however you plan on celebrating Video Games Day make sure that you save often and don’t forget to stock up on the heals!

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