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A misty morning does not signify a cloudy day, it signifies frizzy hair.


Frizz is a condition that happens when the humidity in the air gets into your cuticles and makes them spin out of control, and people with curly hair have it particularly bad. Thankfully there are ways to combat this natural phenomenon and turn even the most humid of days into a great hair day! National Anti-Frizz Month was established by Alberto VO5 to help people all over the world combat frizz and see their way to a lifetime of great hair!

History of National Anti-Frizz Month

Frizz has existed as long as hair has existed, which is pretty much always. Alberto VO5 is one of the companies that has produced an extensive line of products specifically designed to combat this, and the declaration to create National Anti-Frizz Month was made following a research campaign to determine how people handle their bad hair days. Alberto VO5 sought to find a better way and created this holiday to spread awareness and education on how to handle frizzy hair.

Alberto VO5 is a brand produced by Alberto-Culver, an international company focusing on beauty products. In its early years, Alberto-Culver was a beauty supply house in LA under its creator Blaine Culver. Alberto VO5 became one of its leading products, and in fact in 1958 had become the number one brand in its category, it has never been shaken from that lofty position. It’s holdings and reputation has only improved over the years as the company acquired such big names as Procter & Gamble and Noxzema, before ultimately forming a merger itself with Unilever for an impressive $3.7 billion dollars. The merger was import[ant enough to Unilever that it agreed to sell off certain hair brands and the entirety of its food holdings in order to bring it into the fold.

How to Celebrate National Anti-Frizz Month

The best way to celebrate National Anti-Frizz Month is by combating your frizzy hair! Alberto VO5 has a great combination of products they suggest for doing so in a weekly regiment, and following it without fail is a certain way to have truly impressive hair.

  • Hot Oil Treatment: After having applied your normal conditioner and moisturize, apply VO5’s Hot Oil Therapy starting from your scalp and working your way out to the ends. Your hair will be amazingly strong, silky, and soft with an amazing shine.
  • Smooth + Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner: You can use this shampoo every day for extremely frizzy hair, and using the combination is a fantastic way to ensure great hair
  • Shine, Glow, and Go Beauty Oil: Apply this oil every day to help rejuvenate your hair and give you an incredibly soft and silky shine.

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