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For anyone who wants to take even a little glance around their city, one of the staples that can always be found is a good bar, a friendly pub or a busy night club. Whether a person is in rural Ireland, busy Hong Kong, the backwoods of Canada or even in the United Arab Emirates, there is always someplace to have a brewski.

And this day is perfect for those that do enjoy those drinks, and to appreciate the people who make them – Beer Day!

History of International Beer Day

Originally started in the United States, in Santa Cruz, California to be exact, Beer Day was begun with the purpose of celebrating the craft of brewing. And it was also created with the intention of showing appreciation for those involved in the making of beer. The day then quickly expanded to include celebrations of bartenders and other beer technicians as well. Why not get everyone involved?

Not only did Beer Day expand in scope, but in size as well. It quickly began gaining international recognition and following within only one short year. In between 2007 when it was started in Santa Cruz, and where it currently is no– celebrated in 207 cities, 50 countries and on 6 continents all across the globe!

Diverse and new experiences are the hallmark of Beer Day, which means that everyone is encouraged to share various techniques on how to make beer, along with how to enjoy it. In addition, there are also the various foods and activities that go along with it, to celebrate this enjoyable day of brewing skill and beverage enjoyment.

The founders of the Beer Day had three reasons that they declared for starting the day, and they are as follows:

  • To gather with friends and enjoy the taste of beer.
  • To celebrate those responsible for brewing and serving beer.
  • To unite the world under the banner of beer, by celebrating the beers of all nations together on a single day.

How to Celebrate International Beer Day

Celebrating International Beer Day can be loads of fun! Try out these interesting ideas for enjoying the day:

Start By Toasting The Beer Makers

Many folks can agree that the perfect place to begin celebrating this day is just raising a glass, tankard, bottle or can and

toasting those that make the amazing brew possible. Whether it is at a bar, club, pub, or even just a cook-out, it is easy enough to find a place to get a brew or two.

Learn Some Beer Trivia

Beer has an interesting history and unique fun facts that can be thrown around with a group of friends, especially on Beer Day! For instance, maybe everyone doesn’t know it was the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution that made alcohol illegal in 1919!

Try these fun facts out to impress those friends at the bar on Beer Day:

  • Oktoberfest began in Munich in 1810 as a celebration of the royal wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.

  • At the 2010 state fair in Texas, USA, Fried Beer won the prize for the Most Creative Fried Food! (Who knew beer could be fried?)

  • In response to America’s Prohibition Act, Winston Churchill stated that this was an “affront to the whole history of mankind”.

  • A beer pipeline was created in Germany, where more than 100,000 gallons of beer was piped through 7 kilometers of pipe to serve visitors to a heavy metal music festival. The purpose was to keep the grass from being ruined by beer trucks driving back and forth over the festival grounds

Join In On a Beer Day Event

Most places that hold Beer Day events do so by tapping new, or in some cases rare, beers. Other places might celebrate by hosting a happy hour that lasts all day, or putting on trivia events and games–with prizes involving beer gear, of course! Grab some friends (being responsible) and share the wonders of beer with those nearby.

Try a New Kind of Beer

In honor of the day, consider hoisting up a different type of beer than the usual fare, to expand those horizons.With more than 100 different styles (and sub styles) of beer in the world, and literally thousands of different brands, there is always an opportunity to try something new!

Beer Day is the perfect time to try out one of these unusual styles of beer:

  • Gruit. This beer might especially cater to lovers of Tolkein’s fantasy world as it takes on a medieval flare, with herbs and spices that with names like mugwort and horehound. Try a variety such as Posca Rustica from Brassier Dupont, Tourpes Belgium.
  • Oyster Stout. Hailing back to rumors of a tradition in New Zealand and England where some brewers were believed to use oysters in beer for “health purposes”. A few modern breweries have taken this up, like The Porterhouse Brewing Company in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Gose. This one, coming from ancient brewing antics in Leipzig, Germany, is brewed with salted water that produces a briny flavor. Upright Brewing in Portland, Oregon, is one of a few brewers that have started reviving the tradition with their own versions of this salted beer.

Even if it is just a more average type of beer you have never tried before, give it that much at least. Sometime, somewhere, a brewer spent time to get that beer right, and to market it to the public.

So hoist your tankard, tap the kegs, tip the staff and enjoy the refreshment of Beer Day!

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