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If baking is any labor at all, it’s a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation.

Regina Brett

There’s something about the smell of baked goods cooking in the oven that just says home and security. When we think about Christmas time, it’s always the smell of sugar cookies baking that sticks in the memory. When you come home and the smell of a hot dinner is playing harmonies with the delicious smell of that evening’s dessert in the oven, you know that everything is ok.

National Bake For Family Fun Month encourages you to share a month of love and shared tradition with your family by baking in the kitchen, for fun!

History of National Bake For Family Fun Month

National Bake For Family Fun Month was established to help promote the retention of an ancient family ritual that goes back into the earliest days of human existence. Baking is a great experience for friends and family alike, promoting everything from some basic understandings of chemistry, to knowing how to properly measure out each of the ingredients to get the desired results. Tactile knowledge is gained as you begin to be able to know when you’ve kneaded the bread enough by how it feels under your hands, and then, most importantly, there’s the shared love of family and food that comes across as you build family traditions.

In today’s fast-paced consumer and convenience based society, the joys of a fresh baked batch of cookies continues to be an experience worth sharing with your family.

How to celebrate National Bake For Family Fun Month

The best way to celebrate National Bake For Family Fun Month is to get yourself into the kitchen with your family and start baking up some deliciousness. Tonight it can be a fresh loaf of bread seasoned with your favorite seasonings, tomorrow it can be delicious biscuits made by replacing the water with chicken broth. Such simple things are family memories made from.

Have a love for cookies? Get out there and bake yourself some, there’s no need to go to the store! That, and it creates some much needed time to bond with your family, something we don’t do enough of these days. National Bake For Family Fun Month encourages you to get together and build a history of loving family memories centered in the kitchen, and if you have a great time with it, you can just carry it out through the rest of the year!

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