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Vanlife is about more than just traveling. It’s about a unique way of life that encourages creativity, self-sufficiency and freedom. Embrace the beauty of adventure living and, specifically, the delicious foods that can be created while living the van life. 

Get on the move and get ready to start celebrating because it’s time for International Vanlife Cooking Day!

History of International Vanlife Cooking Day

Because people who travel in vans have limited space, they have to get creative. Fewer cooking utensils and pans, limited access to burners and other forms of equipment mean that it is important for vanlifers and other travelers to be resourceful when it comes to cooking.

Whether calling it an RV, a camper van, motor home, caravan, trailer or some other term – or even living in a converted old school bus – the concept of cooking can be a challenge that many people face on the road. Instead of just opening up a can of soup on the regular or making a box of macaroni and cheese, get inspired by International Vanlife Cooking Day and think beyond the norm!

International Vanlife Day was started around 2022 when it made its way into popularity through social media, as well as through support from the staff at websites like Vanlife Eats.

How to Celebrate International Vanlife Cooking Day

Show some love for this lifestyle by celebrating International Vanlife Cooking Day with some of these ideas:

Learn Some Vanlife Cooking Tips

Those who live on the road and enjoy a vanlife will be aware that this type of cooking may require extra thought and preparation – but it can also be extra fun! The best way for rookies or newbies to go about it is to avoid mistakes by taking tips from expert vanlife cooks. Celebrate International Vanlife Cooking Day and get started with some of these helpful tips:

  • Cook Family Favorites. One of the best ways to make a van feel like a home away from home is to infuse it with the smells and flavors of the family’s favorite homemade dishes. Choose recipes with minimal ingredients that are perhaps less fussy, but still try to cook what everyone loves.

  • Choose Local Ingredients. A beautiful feature of vanlife is that it can often follow the nice weather. This means that the places where the van is may be offering some lovely local produce in roadside stands, farmers’ markets, local delis or other places. Pick up some deliciously fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, honey and more to use in van or RV cooking.

  • Cook in a Scenic Location. An excellent perk of vanlife cooking is that it’s possible to take the kitchen almost anywhere! Enjoying a beautiful vista view, a quiet forest or a beach scene can make cooking feel like less of a chore.

Document Vanlife Cooking

Those who are living their best life on the road can enjoy the fun of International Vanlife Cooking Day by taking photos and sharing with others. It doesn’t have to be a professional photo shoot to share the yummy meals that are created, and the simplicity of the cleanup might be fun to share also. 

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