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They float through the air and celebrate birthdays, they decorate grand openings of businesses and are used in medical treatments, they’ve been used as forms of luxury transportation, and the quietest of military infiltration, what are they? They’re balloons! Balloons Around The World Day celebrates these marvels that we’ve all experienced, and that have been used in a million different ways for a million different purposes. From their use in art to every other feasible application, balloons are amazing!

History of Balloons Around the World Day

Balloons Around The World Day was created by Jeff Brown in 2000 to hold up these lighter than air contraptions. The first airborne flight in a hydrogen balloon took place in December of 1783 by Jacques Charles, who determined that it would be possible based on his study of Boyle’s Law. The balloon was rather an amazing innovation of technologies, utilizing silk varnished in a mixture of turpentine and rubber to seal in the hydrogen. Though they faced some troubles filling the balloon (it turns out you should really cool the gas before putting it in the balloon, as like most things it contracts when it cools) they ultimately were able to get their balloon into the air and fly it 21 kilometers north. It is perhaps unfortunate that it was subsequently destroyed by peasants with pitchforks as a terrifying unnatural phenomena.

From there balloon technology just exploded, with every possible application coming in the years that followed. In 1824 Michael Faraday created the rubber balloon, and the rest was pretty much history. Balloons have been made out of rubber, latex, nylon, foil and many other substances and in any number of shapes, sizes, colors and more. Balloons Around The World Day celebrates these creations and the parts they play in our lives!

How to celebrate Balloons Around the World Day

Well, start your day off by swinging by your local balloon supplier and getting a bunch of helium-filled balloons to take into your office, or just share with people on the street. There’s no one who doesn’t enjoy a bright colorful balloon in their day, and they can bring a smile to just about anyone, no matter how sad or morose! They’ll certain lighten up your office and make the place seem more than a little bit more cheerful. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can see if there are hot air balloon ride charters available in your area, and give yourself an incredible lift on Balloons Around The World Day by spending it lighter than air!