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When we consider opening up a new bank account, we generally spend time trying to find on that doesn’t charge too many fees, that has the features we require, and that has a physical branch located somewhere nearby. Bank Account Bonus Month reminds us to take a moment and think about opening a bank account that will pay us to do so! Throughout the world banks offer incentives to new customers in the form of “Bank Account Bonuses” sometimes as much as $250, to entice people into opening a new account.

History of Bank Account Bonus Month

Bank Account Bonus Month was started by Will & Chuck at Doctor of Credit to help everyone discover the greatest Bank Account Bonus’s being made available by financial institutions everywhere. The truly canny Bank Account Bonus hunter can actually use banks to generate a boost to their income by taking advantage of the banks hope that you’ll begin using the account as your primary account. It all starts with understanding the requirements they place on opening an account and getting the bonus, and learning how to meet them easily.

Banks often try to recoup their losses by applying monthly fees, requiring direct deposits, a minimum number of debit card transactions, or using the bonused account to pay bills through their bill pay service. With a little bit of maintenance, these requirements can easily be gamed so you can collect your bonus easily. Will of Doctor of Credit generates about $2,000 additional income a year just bygaming these bank account bonus offers and pocketing the cash in theend.

In addition to providing a list of banks that offer these bonuses on their website, they also teach their readers how to find bonus offers on their own, and communities that track these bonuses to help generate additional income. Bank Account Bonus Month is your opportunity to take the greed of financial institutions and turn it into extra cash for you!

How To Celebrate Bank Account Bonus Month

All great things start small, so why not take the opportunity to see if you can garner a little extra cash by opening up an account with a bank that offers a bonus? Carefully monitor the account, be sure to meet their requirements, and in no time at all, you’ll receive your bonus and be ready to shut down your account and do it all over again! Carefully saved $2,000 a year can easily turn into a tidy retirement fund, pay for a simple vacation, or update your computer with the latest hardware!

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