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Show some appreciation and respect for the hard work that the US Postal Service has done for two centuries by celebrating National US Postage Stamp Day! 

History of National US Postage Stamp Day

The first general issue of postage stamps in the United States were authorized by an Act of Congress in March 1847 and went on sale in New York on July 1 of that same year. George Washington was on the 10 cent stamp and its earliest use was the very next day, on July 2. Benjamin Franklin, the first Postmaster General, was depicted on the 5 cent stamp issued at the same time. 

These postage stamps made communication by letter much more convenient, becoming very popular and selling millions of them over the following years. At the time, it was possible to mail a letter without a stamp and payment could be requested upon delivery, but the postage stamp was probably the beginning of the end of that practice.

National US Postage Stamp Day is celebrated on July 1 to commemorate the sale of the first postage stamp and to celebrate the ways that many things in the world have changed over more than 175 years. But they have also stayed the same – because people still use postage stamps to mail their letters!

How to Celebrate National US Postage Stamp Day

Get involved with National US Postage Stamp Day and make it an educational opportunity too by learning more and sharing with some of these ideas:

Visit a US Postage Stamp Museum

Get more involved with National US Postage Stamp Day by getting up close and personal with some of the most interesting collections of stamps. Visit the Smithsonian’s National Postal Stamp Museum located in Washington, DC, which opened in 1993, to learn more information about the history of the US postal service. And, of course, it’s a great way to view a wide array of US postage stamps!

Teach Kids About Postage Stamps

Kids these days are so accustomed to e-communication and instant everything that they may not even be aware of what it is like to buy a stamp and use it to mail a letter. National US Postage Stamp Day might be a fun time for parents and teachers to have a little lesson on how the postal system works and the best ways to use it.

Use Some Postage Stamps

A great way to enjoy and celebrate National US Postage Stamp Day might be to make a plan to send some mail to someone, or several people, on this day. Perhaps it’s the right time to mail a card for Grandma’s birthday, write a letter to Aunt Betty or perhaps pay a bill old-style through the mail.

Those who don’t have any stamps on hand can head on over to the post office to make a purchase of a book of stamps or an individual one. Or pick some up at a local grocery store or convenience shop. Then, slap them in the upper right hand corner of an addressed envelope and pop them into the mailbox!

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