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Enjoy this delightful and delicious treat in a myriad of ways in celebration of Bavarian Crepes Day! A unique take on the traditional, these crepes originate from the Bavarian region which is located in modern day Eastern Germany.

History of Bavarian Crepes Day

Crepes date back several centuries, probably to around the 1200s. The Bavarian version of crepes has often used the traditional name of “palatschinke” in many countries and cultures in Central and Eastern Europe. These little pancakes are often made and served in celebration of holidays or special occasions.

Bavarian crepes are thin, pancake-like rounds that are made from flour, eggs, milk and oil. Similar to French crepes, Bavarian crepes are only different based on the amount of time that the batter is allowed to rest before the crepes are pan fried. Bavarian crepes do not need to rest prior to cooking, and sometimes liquor is also put into the mixture which helps to create a smooth batter and flavor.

When served with savory toppings, Bavarian crepes are usually made with buckwheat flour and when served with sweet toppings, they are made with wheat flour. After the Bavarian crepes are cooked, they are typically filled with delicious toppings, rolled up and then garnished with powdered sugar or sauce.

Bavarian Crepes Day is here to bring attention to and celebrate the joy and delight that can come from eating and enjoying these tasty treats!

How to Celebrate Bavarian Crepes Day

Have tons of fun enjoying and celebrating Bavarian Crepes Day with some of these tasty and delightful ideas:

Enjoy Eating Bavarian Crepes

Those who are lucky enough to live in a place where Bavarian crepes are made in a restaurant, this would be the perfect time to head over and order some! For instance, try out one of these specialty restaurants:

  • Rosi’s Little Bavarian Restaurant in Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  • Royale Cafe & Creperie in Matthews, North Carolina
  • La Crepe Du Jour in Frankenmuth, Michigan
  • Restaurante Lindenbräu located in Berlin, Germany

Learn How to Make Bavarian Crepes

Making Bavarian crepes is actually a fairly easy and low maintenance project. The most challenging parts are making sure that you have the right pan, and making sure the temperature is correct.

The batter for celebrating Bavarian Crepe Day is rather simple with just a few ingredients, including eggs, flour, water, salt and oil. Mix the batter together and let it stand while rubbing the pan with an oiled paper towel. Pour ¼ cup of the batter into the pan and swirl it around to cover the surface of the pan. Cook for 20-30 seconds, then flip and cook for another 5 seconds. Fill with delicious toppings and enjoy!

Get Creative with Bavarian Crepes

Enjoy and celebrate Bavarian Crepe Day by using different creative toppings. The traditional Bavarian cream topping is made from whipping cream, egg yolks and vanilla, other toppings might include powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, fruit jam or pie filling. Lemon with blueberry, or hazelnut creme and strawberry are also delicious combinations!

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