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Around five percent of the world’s population experience hearing loss. While five percent of the population is also thought to experience problems with speech.

With communication being so important to our lives, Better Speech and Language Month sets out to raise awareness of issues surrounding communication problems such as an inability to hear properly or to speak effectively.

Lets look into the history of Better Speech and Language Month as well as what you can do to help raise awareness of this cause.

History of Better Speech and Language Month

The Better Speech and Language Month was founded in 1927 by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The aim of Better Speech and Language Month is to raise awareness around both speech and hearing problems while encouraging people to take a look at their own speech and hearing and to make a change in there is a problem.

For over nine decades, this month has been held, making people think about their hearing and speech.

How to celebrate Better Speech and Language Month

Better Speech and Language Month calls on everybody to take stock of their own ability to hear and speak effectively.

Signs that you have a problem with your hearing include:

  • Having to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Needing to turn your ear towards a sound to hear it
  • Only being able to understand a conversation when you look directly towards a person
  • Being unable to hear everything in a group conversation
  • Listening to the TV at a high volume
  • Experiencing a ringing in your ears or a pain

The awareness month also looks to encourage parents to identify any potential speech and language problems in their children, particularly where such problems may affect a child’s self-esteem or learning.

If any of the signs or symptoms of hearing loss are present, then a person should visit an audiologist for a hearing test. In many cases, hearing problems are treatable.

As well as checking to see whether you or anyone that you are close to has any of the signs of hearing or speech problems, you can also help out the cause by spreading the word about better hearing and speech.

You could share information that raises awareness of the cause on social media. Follow the hashtag #BHSM on Twitter and you will find a wealth of different information about Better Hearing and Speech Month.

There is a range of different resources that can be accessed via the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association website such as social media banners, Zoom backgrounds, and campaign logos. There are also posters, flyers, coloring pages, and bookmarks available to download for free.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association runs a campaign throughout the month of the Better Hearing and Speech Month. In this campaign, they raise awareness of communication disorders and provide a wide array of shareable information such as infographics and videos. These are shared onto the organization’s social media accounts, websites, and blogs.

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