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March 24th

Learn about Tuberculosis Day

Every year, a day is dedicated to raising awareness about tuberculosis, commonly known as TB. The first Tuberculosis Day was in 1982, a hundred years after Dr Robert Koch announced to the scientific community that he had discovered the cause of the virulent disease, thus paving the way for an eventual cure.

At the time of Koch’s announcement, TB was one of the world’s deadliest diseases, killing an estimated one in seven people. Although the virus has almost been eradicated in the western world, it still poses a serious problem in developing countries and is making a comeback in areas where there is significant overcrowding and poor nutrition.

You can mark Tuberculosis Day by learning about the international strategies to combat the disease and by raising awareness in your own community.
This almost-forgotten disease is important because TB is not just a Dickensian disease; it is still very much with us.