Do you like butter sponge cake? How about chocolate? Rich custard and cream? Do we have just the donut for you! Boston Cream Pie Day celebrates one of the most divine creations ever to come out of the confectionary field, the Boston Cream Pie. Confession time though! It’s not a pie at all, it’s a cake, and in this case the cake is most definitely not a lie! So if it’s been a while since you’ve last had one of these delightful treats, Boston Cream Pie Day is your excuse to go out and get a slice of your favorite.

History of Boston Cream Pie Day

The history of Boston Cream Pie Day is, as you might imagine, the history of the Boston Cream Pie. The Pie that is actually a cake was made in the Parker House Hotel in Boston by Chef M. Sanzian way back in 1856. Originally this American-French Chef called the cake the “Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie” and had taken the French Butter sponge cake and filled it with a delightful Crème pâtissière, an egg-thickened custard with a history going back at least as far as Ancient Rome, brushed it with rum syrup and topped with a chocolate fondant.

It was probably inspired by the Washington Pie, a similar confection filled with jam and dusted with powdered sugar, but the experience is far more subtle and far less sweet. The Boston Cream Pie was such a success that now you can find it in any bakery, and as one of the most popular donuts, a Berliner filled with custard and topped with chocolate icing. Boston Cream Pie Day gives you an excuse to experience this pie that is a cake and either return to, or discover, a new favorite in its subtly flavored layers.

How to celebrate Boston Cream Pie Day

Well, first off make your way to the bakery and get your hands on a Boston Cream Pie! Feeling a bit generous today? Stop off and get a box of Boston Cream donuts from your local donut shop, and bring them in with a fresh steaming container of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. There’s little that can brighten a day like a surprise confection shared with friends, so maybe you should have a dinner party and serve one up afterwards. Feeling adventurous? Have everyone make a Boston Cream Pie using their favorite recipe, and compare in a custard fueled bacchanal!

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