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If you are wanting to host an event, you know you can’t do it all on your own. That’s why there are event organizers, people who organize events and help plan them so that way the organization or company can succeed and have an event people will remember. However, did you know that there’s a day dedicated to these hard workers? It’s called Event Organizers Day and its dedicated to all those who work hard to keep things neat and successful in everyday life. Read more to learn about the history of event planners and how they came to be.

History of Event Organizers Day

Event planning has been around for thousands of years, as great dynasties needed such people for the job so that way great deeds can be accomplished. The first of such is believed to have existed during the Ptolemaic Empire as well as during the time of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. During medieval times, when King Louis XV and his predecessor had event organizers to establish lavish parties. Historically, event planning was seen as an extension of royalty, wealth, and power. Eventually, as the world shifted from a monarchy to republics and the idea of industrialization came into play, event planning became an integral part of modern society.

Because event planners helped make way for history, in today’s modern society, event planners have multiple responsibilities from managing caters to sending invitations. The increase in this job prospect grew as globalization became prevalent in the world economy. Now, event planners have a significant role in society as organizations and companies all around the world work together to succeed at their goals. This holiday is dedicated to all the event planners that help put their personal hand into their jobs and keep everything organized so that way all future plans can run smoothly.

How to Celebrate Event Organizers Day

If you know someone who is an event planner, send them a letter or give them a gift saying thank you for everything they do. If you want, offer to help them out in their free time so they won’t feel as stressed out about the event they’re organizing. Take them out to dinner and listen to their stories. If you like, let everyone know on social media what day it is today and help share experiences from one event planner to another by using the hashtag #eventorganizerday in your posts.

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