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Some people in the world today can spend more of their waking time at work than at home, so it’s really important to have fulfilling relationships both with colleagues and customers.  Although, honestly, it really should just be a general part of living in a human society to use manners anywhere and everywhere, perhaps it is a good idea to have a little reminder every once in a while. And that’s what Bring Your Manners to Work Day is all about!

History of Bring Your Manners to Work Day

Bring Your Manners To Work Day was established in 2013 by The Protocol School of Washington to remind people of the importance of treating people in the workplace with courtesy and respect. Since Fridays often tend to be the time when people let loose a little bit, the first Friday of September is the perfect time to observe this day.

Of course, everyone should practice good manners, whether at work or at home, and common bad manners at work may include obnoxious behaviors like loud ringtones, leaving a mess around the kitchen or desk area and rude conversation or comments.

Although Bring Your Manners To Work Day is just one day of the year, it doesn’t mean that people should only be polite at work for one day! Use Bring Your Manners to Work Day as a reminder of the importance of good manners every day of the year, and you may well find good manners help to open the doors to new opportunities in the workplace.

How to Celebrate Bring Your Manners to Work Day

Show some respect and appreciation for the folks at work by observing and celebrating Bring Your Manners to Work Day! Get on ball with some of these ideas for enjoying the day:

Set Workplace Standards

Bring Your Manners to Work Day is the ideal time for managers or business owners to make sure they communicate expectations about etiquette and polite behavior to their entire staff. Send out a memo, communicate through an email or hold a little staff meeting to discuss creative ideas and practices to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to standards and expectations.

Practice Online Work Etiquette

A new type of manner in the workplace has emerged since the advent of the internet and the popular practice of telecommuting. Online meetings, Zoom calls and video conferencing have brought with them the ability for many people to work from home, but they also add a variety of opportunities for folks to use their manners. There’s nothing more distracting than someone who doesn’t know how to use their mute button while their dog is barking in the background!

Check out some of these important reminders for online meeting etiquette in observance of Bring Your Manners to Work Day:

  • Choose a Clean Background

    If a person has an extremely messy or chaotic room in the background, or the lighting is super weird (too dark or extreme window brightness) it can be distracting for the folks who are trying to engage in the meeting.

  • Don’t Multitask

    It’s okay to take notes or drink a cup of coffee like a person might in a real life meeting, but it’s not polite to start painting your nails or eating a sandwich.

  • Check video and audio

    Before the call starts, make sure headphones are connected and can be heard, and the camera is working and pointed in the right place.

Watch Some Silly Workplace Comedies

Those who are interested in learning what not to do on Bring Your Manners to Work Day might want to check out some comedy shows or films that feature a cast of characters who just can’t seem to get it right. Have a laugh with some of these shows:

  • The Office (2005–2013)
  • Parks & Recreation (2009–2015)
  • 30 Rock (2006–2013)
  • Superstore (2015–2021)

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