We in Britain stopped evolving gastronomically with the advent of the pie. Everything beyond that seemed like a brave, frightening new world. We knew the French were up to something across the Channel, but we didn’t want anything to do with it.

John Oliver

Pie is a dish that can bring so much variety to peoples lives. Savory or sweet, this dish has been around in various forms since the time of the ancient Egyptians and has been a loved favorite by many since.

In today’s world, the British have been known for their amazing selections of pies and thus there are many people who want to celebrate these achievements.

British Pie Week is one of those holidays that encourages people to eat pie, try their hand at making a pie, and learning about all the different recipes and variations that come with this delicious treat.

History of British Pie Week

British Pie Week was founded by Jus-Rol, a British pastry-rolling company that crafts ready-to-bake pastries doughs for any occasion, back in 2007. However, because Jus-Rol has not had an active Twitter account since 2016, the website Pierate decided to take over the holiday and make it their own, baking hundreds of pies and sharing the recipes online with their followers. Each year, Pierate holds their own competitions and rank pies based off of their tastes and construction, inspiring others in Britain to do the same.

According to Jus-Rol, around 75% of people enjoy a pie at least once a month, and thus the holiday has been receiving a steady increase in popularity for people who want to get their pie fix.

Each year, people all over the United Kingdom take the time out to go to their locally held event, watch pie-baking competitions, and get their hands on some amazing pie recipes.

Whether it’s savory such as a chicken and leek pie, or sweet such as a Bilberry pie, people cannot get enough and gorge themselves on their favorite dishes all week long.

How to Celebrate British Pie Week

If you’re looking to try out British Pie Week, you can start through finding a classic British pie recipe and seeing how you can make a meal that everyone will love, such as a mini pork pie, a venison pie, or a mince pie.

Try out different recipes throughout the week and see what recipes you like the best. If you’re in Britain, head on over to a British Pie Week event near you and see which baker can make the best pie.

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