For some reason, chewing gum for me gets my brain going.

Brie Larson

That’s been our experience too. Something about keeping the jaw closed and chewing makes the brain just focus in and start concentrating. That’s why Bubble Game Day came into existence, with the twin goals of generating charity contributions and allowing kids to chew gum in school! So bring out your .50c, make a donation, and get to chew gum in school all day. Isn’t it about time you had something to take your mind off of Calculus?

History of Bubblegum Day

Bubblegum Day began in 2006, when author Ruth Spiro, decided that the world needed a day focused around education, philanthropy, and best of all bubble gum! It was such a phenomenal success that an entire institution built up around it, encourages philanthropy in children and allowing the school to support a charity that fits the beliefs and policies of the school. It’s not just schools either! Businesses, libraries, and community centers all have been known to hold events centered on Bubble Game Day, because charity isn’t limited to educational institutions.

Ruth Spiro produces some of the most amazing children’s books out there, including Lester Fizz, Bubble-Gum Artist, Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering, Baby Loves Quarks, and many other odd and quirky books aimed at giving children valuable information while entertaining them with bright colorful books aimed at engaging their mind.

She firmly believes that it’s never too early to engage children’s curiosity, and getting them asking questions about their world. Sure they probably aren’t going to be able to comment on these books at six months old, but it’s never too early to start packing their brains with interesting topics that can lead them to explore the world around them and love learning.

How to celebrate Bubblegum Day

It depends on your role, really. If you’re a student or employee at an institution that is celebrating Bubblegum Day, then make your donation and enjoy your gum! If you run a school, organize a day around Bubblegum Day, and use it to help debunk some of the beliefs that surround bubble gum.

iIt doesn’t stay in your system for seven years, and there’s no danger in swallowing it, for starters. Also, engage the student body in choosing a charity to support! Businesses can participate as well, just let everyone know, vote on a charity, and then enjoy your gum!

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