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Frozen yogurt is tastier than ice cream

Richelle E. Goodrich

A lot of people think that a big old scoop of ice cream makes everything better. But there is something that could be considered even better than that!

Those who guessed “Frogurt” would be absolutely correct! Frozen Yogurt has all the benefits and diversity of flavors that are bestowed upon its more famous predecessor, ice cream. But it is far healthier–without sacrificing any of the yummy taste. Live active cultures and naturally occurring calcium make Frozen Yogurt a treat that is great for the tastebuds as well as the body!

Frozen Yogurt is able to satisfy a sweet tooth with cold creamy deliciousness, while helping to keep the heart and body healthy! What could be better?

History of National Frozen Yogurt Day

Yogurt is a treat that has been around for much longer than most people would guess. It is well over 4000 years old, in fact! Yogurt found its start in the Middle East and India where it was (and continues to be!) used extensively in just about every kind of meal imaginable.

But it wasn’t until the 1900’s that yogurt found its way to the western world and the Americas, and increased in popularity so quickly and thoroughly that it’s no longer thought of as exotic. By the 1970s, when ice cream was hitting all-time popularity, some bright spark knew they could do better–and then they did. They froze the yogurt in a treat that was similar to ice cream but also uniquely different.

Frozen Yogurt sales exploded after TCBY launched its first store in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1981, and by 1986 Frozen Yogurt sales had reached $25 million dollars annually. By 1990, it was 10% of the frozen dessert market, and no one could argue that Frozen Yogurt (affectionately known as “Fro-Yo”) was in the world to stay.

National Frozen Yogurt Day Timeline

5000 BC

Yogurt is invented

While no one is quite sure of its exact origins, it is speculated that Mesopotamians begin eating and/or drinking yogurt-like foods that are filled with healthy bacteria and active cultures.[1]


Frozen Yogurt is developed

After several thousand years of staying mostly the same, yogurt undergoes a huge change when entrepreneur H.P. Hood figures out how to freeze this healthy food into a treat that tastes a lot like ice cream. Hood called his invention “frogurt”.[2]


First TCBY is opened

Launched in Little Rock, Arkansas, the acronym first stood for “This Can’t Be Yogurt” and then was changed to “The Country’s Best Yogurt” after a lawsuit was filed by a company with a similar name.[3]


First Frozen Yogurt Day is launched

While TCBY is in the process of becoming super popular, they decide to name a day in honor of their product. The first Frozen Yogurt Day is originally celebrated in June but later moves into the first week of February.[4]


International Frozen Yogurt Association is Founded

Created to encourage the success and quality of the frozen yogurt industry. The organization provides support and resources for those in the industry and is a great promoter of National Frozen Yogurt Day.[5]

How to Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day

Obviously, enjoying a cone, waffle cone or cup of this delicious treat is step one of celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day. But that can happen on just about any day. So in order to make this day extra special, consider other ideas to add to the fun!

Locate Some Freebies or Coupons

Many businesses that sell this yummy treat offer special deals, or even freebies, in honor of National Frozen Yogurt Day. Shops across the world celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day, including countries such as India, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, El Salvador, United States, United Kingdom and Thailand.

Each year’s celebration may be different than the last, so be sure to check out local shops to find out what is on offer:

  • TCBY (with locations in the US, Southeast Asia and the Middle East) has been known to offer the first six ounces free to customers in celebration of National Frozen Yogurt Day.
  • Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt (located in the US, Canada, UK, South Africa, UAE, India, China and many more all over the world) has offered Buy One Get One Free in some of its locations during the afternoon hours, in honor of Fro Yo Day. Some locations have also offered an enter-to-win raffle where the winner can receive free frozen yogurt for a year.
  • Yogurtland (with locations in US, Australia, Indonesia, Guam, Thailand and more) in past years celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day, has given out free cups of frozen yogurt for a limited time during the late afternoon hours.

Host a Yogurt Day Party

Invite some friends or family members over for a fun evening with a Fro-Yo bar. Organize it just like an ice cream sundae station with a toppings bar. Choose a base of standard vanilla yogurt, or invest in a rainbow of flavors, whether fruity, chocolate, caramel-packed.

Ask everyone to bring their favorite toppings and pile them on top of a yummy scoop of Frozen Yogurt. Of course, adding sugary toppings may cancel out the health benefits, but it’s a fun way to

Be creative with a toppings bar, including some of these or others:

  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Nuts
  • Candies
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Fruit

Celebrate at Work

Make it a special treat day by organizing a National Frozen Yogurt Day celebration at work or at school. Encourage each person to bring in a carton of their favorite flavor of yogurt, and have a little frozen yogurt social right there at lunchtime. Of course, having folks sign up for certain flavors and toppings will ensure that there’s a good variety with no repeats.

Make Homemade Frozen Yogurt

If there’s no soft-serve, frozen yogurt shop location nearby, or for those who are just feeling particularly adventurous, making frozen yogurt is certainly an option!

Actually, it’s not that difficult to make this treat at home. Using pre-made or homemade whole-milk yogurt, add a bit of cream and sugar to the mix. Then pour the mix into the ice cream maker and churn it until a rich and creamy frozen yogurt results. While plain or vanilla yogurt makes a fine treat, flavors such as fruits or chocolate may also be added.

National Frozen Yogurt Day reminds people to go out and enjoy this delicious alternative to ice cream, and to remember that sometimes the original isn’t necessarily the best, sometimes it’s all about innovation! So those who are looking for a healthier dessert that has all the flavor of ice cream, get out there and buy some Frozen Yogurt to enjoy alone, with a friend or in a group!

National Frozen Yogurt Day may only come once a year, but of course it can be eaten all year round!

National Frozen Yogurt Day FAQs

Is Frozen Yogurt healthy?

While it still has some sugar, frozen yogurt may have some health benefits that are greater than other frozen desserts. Depending on how it is made, frozen yogurt may have probiotics, vitamins, protein and calcium.[1]

What is Frozen Yogurt made out of?

Just like most ice creams, the base ingredient of frozen yogurt is pasteurized milk. Plus, it also typically contains yogurt cultures as well as sugar or other sweeteners.[2]

When was the first National Frozen Yogurt Day?

The idea for the first Frozen Yogurt Day came from the most popular fro-yo company at the time. In 1993, TCBY launched the first celebration in June and it later moved to February.[3]

Is Frozen Yogurt an American dessert?

Although it is now certainly a popular dessert treat enjoyed all over the world, the original invention of frozen yogurt originated in the New England area of the United States.[4]

Is Frozen Yogurt high in lactose?

Since yogurt is typically made from dairy milk and is high in lactose, it is often more tolerable for those with lactose intolerance due to the live cultures. However, some frozen yogurts do not contain live bacteria which means it might still be irritating to those who are intolerant of lactose.[5]

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