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Happy Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day! Just because someone works in a very specific field doesn’t mean that they, too, don’t deserve a day to be celebrated and appreciated. If this is your field, then chances are you don’t feel the love every day, so live it up on this most special of days! 

History of Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day

No one wants to live, work, or even step inside a building that is not safe. Whether it wasn’t checked carefully during the building process so the walls could fall down during a heavy wind storm, or if the sprinkler system is not up to code when a fire breaks out, it’s just not a great idea to be in a building that doesn’t pass inspection.

Building regulations and codes have been around in some form or another for at least a couple hundred years. Code staff are needed to enforce safety practices and regulation for various aspects of construction and maintenance, including inspectors for building, electrical, housing, fire prevention, public works, mechanical, plumbing and others. Code officers are also critical in making sure that a variety of buildings in the commercial, residential, public assemblies areas and others are kept up to code and safe.

So, although it may feel like the staff and inspectors who manage a city or county’s building codes are against everyone, they usually aren’t. Their job is simply to make sure everyone is kept as safe as possible.

But when a person or business is smack in the middle of trying to build a building, it can feel like the building and code staff are not very well appreciated. And that’s the purpose of the founding of Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day!

Since the origin of Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day is unclear, it may well be a cry for recognition from within the industry itself – which is all the more reason to show that support. 

How to Celebrate Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day

Make sure everything is up to scratch because it is time to celebrate Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day! Have a good time showing appreciation to these important folks with some of these ideas:

Organize a Department Lunch

Those who work as building and code staff might want to organize a special appreciation lunch at the office in celebration of the day. Celebrate with a department lunch (that way you know you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people) or perhaps wear a smiley badge on all inspections you conduct today. Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day provides a perfect opportunity for managers, business owners and companies to make the men and women who work in this industry feel special, not only with lunch but perhaps with some homemade cookies, a big cake or donuts for dessert. Yum!

Say Thank You to a Building and Code Staff Member

For those who do not work as Building and Code staff, then today’s an opportunity to show some appreciation to those often overlooked people who ensure the safety of buildings all over the city. Consider sending a box of chocolates and a note of thanks to the company or individual who performed your inspection to show how much their work is really valued. Or, at the very least, don’t be grumpy with a Building and Code Inspector on this important day!

Become a Building or Code Staff Member

Those who are super interested in the field of building and code staff might just want to train to work within the field. This could be just the perfect activity to show some support for Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day! Sign up to take classes at a local technical college and it’s possible to get a degree that can put a person on their way to actually becoming a building inspector or code staff.

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