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Tea and coffee are an essential part of life for many of us. In fact, the breakfast cup of coffee and mid-morning tea break are so deeply embedded in our daily routine, that they have become automatic and unquestioned cornerstones of the day. This means that it can be difficult to envisage alternatives or doing away with them altogether.

This is the context for Caffeine Awareness Month. With its roots in the campaigning work of the US not-for-profit sector, Caffeine Awareness Month presents an opportunity to be mindful of the amount of caffeine we are drinking and to be educated about the potential advantages of substitutes.

Use Caffeine Awareness Month to try swapping your morning espresso for a fruit smoothie or mint tea. Or perhaps instead experiment with the introduction of a morning run or workout to invigorate your day. It may be an opportunity to discover that a daily caffeine hit may not be as indispensable as you originally thought.

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