Who doesn’t love music!? It’s a great way to start a conversation or end one. And everyone has their own taste in music and it evolves over time with age and trends. Personally, I will give any type of music a try because you never know when you will come across a new band or genre you like.

My Spotify playlist tends to reflect my mood or what I am doing. Generally, my playlist looks like this, however, I do have a few saved for different things. Today I’m going to talk about what I listen to and what I’m doing when I do – I’ll also stick in some photos of my playlists if you want to have a listen.

I’m sure that everyone has a playlist like this, you know that list of upbeat guilty pleasures that help you get the housework done. This is part of my list, I have a mixture of songs really but I love them all and they are ones that I can badly dance/around to while doing the housework. It never fails to cheer me up or make housework go quicker than having this list on.

My Current Faves consist of just that, those that I love listening to at the moment and this list changes and songs get added and taken off all the time. I have a variety of stuff on here from British pop to prog rock and some soundtrack songs as well. This is the list I listen to most days, a little bit of this and that and songs I like from bands and singers I love.

At the end of 2016 I noticed that there was a top songs playlist for me, this might be old news but I only signed up to Spotify half way through last year so this was the first time that I had seen this and it was interesting to see what my top songs were for the time that I had Spotify during 2016. Okay so mostly prog rock but if you look through the list you will see Five and the Pokemon theme because why not!

What are some of your favorite bands I would love to know and have a listen, I may find something new!

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