It’s time to celebrate one of the most popular and historical alcoholic spirits out there. Whiskey has been filling the glasses of new and seasoned drinkers alike for generations, and for some aficionados, it’s a serious business.

For some, it’s better when mixed with a little soda, or fruit juice, while others assert that the best and only way to drink whiskey is to have it plain and over the rocks – or ice if you aren’t down with the lingo. Whether you’re new to the charms of this sophisticated spirit or you’ve been enjoying it for years, make today a day to learn about one of the world’s favorite tipples.

The History of International Whiskey Day
International Whiskey Day was announced for the first time back in 2008, first started in 2009, and is meant to observe Whiskey from Scotland, Canada, Japan, Ireland, and America. In addition, the day keeps us mindful of Parkinson’s Disease, in honor of the British writer Michael Jackson who suffered with the disease before his death in 2007.

Jackson was a real aficionado of whiskey, being the author of a large number of books about the drink, with his book ‘Michael Jackson’s Malt Whisky Companion’ being one of the best-selling books on whiskey in the world.

To honor the whiskey expert, who incidentally also knew a thing or two about beers, whiskey fans worldwide raise a glass of the drink to celebrate the man’s life and, of course, the malty spirit itself.

How to Celebrate International Whiskey Day
Whiskey fans will be quick to tell you that every whiskey is different. Maybe today would be a good opportunity to have a taste of some of the different whiskeys the world has to offer. If it’s not a spirit you have ever really appreciated before, today would be a good day to be brave and have a sip!

If you’re not really a fan of drinking the malty spirit, you could add a couple of shots to your cooking instead to really jazz things up. Glaze pork belly with a whiskey marinade, or make a sticky ribs sauce to go with rice for a posh savory treat.

If you’d prefer something sweet, why not try cranachan, a traditional Scottish dessert which calls for a few drops of whiskey along with cream, oatmeal, and fruit. You’ll find that a few drops can also really spice up an apple pie or jam roly poly too.


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