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There’s an epidemic in the world today, one that seeps into every level of the social strata. Education is no protection, nor is wealth, and while there are ways to reduce the possibility that you’ll be one of the almost 2 million people per year that are affected by it, the causes of this plague are only poorly understood. Every year 450 men and women out of every 100,000 are diagnosed with one of the dozens of kinds of cancer, and 171 men and women die from it. Cancer Survivor Day is for those who have faced off against this most dread of ailments and risen again to live full happy lives.

History of Cancer Survivor’s Day

Cancer Survivor Day was established to recognize and celebrate those who have battled cancer and won, and to help bring hope to those still battling this terrible disease. While the numbers above sound terrible, there is more hope than they imply, in the US Alone there are 14.5 million people who have beat or are living with cancer and 32 million around the world. This is a great success, and the survival rate gets higher with every passing year.

Cancer hangs over the minds and hearts of most people as a death sentence, and the reaction in saying someone you know has it is palpable. But both those suffering from Cancer and their families need to know that it is far from helpless. Treatment is getting more effective, and there are groups around the world that get together to help the Cancer patient and their families make it through the very long and hard road that is treatment and recovery.

Cancer Survivor Day is also dedicated to helping to raise funds and awareness for cancer research and treatment. The fight isn’t over, in fact, it’s just heating up and cancer is in the cross-hairs. With the efforts of organizations like National Cancer Survivor’s Day Foundation and the American Cancer Association, a cure for cancer is just around the corner.

How to Celebrate Cancer Survivor’s Day

The best way to celebrate Cancer Survivor’s Day is getting out and helping with the organization’s activities to raise funds and help awareness. You can do this by attending events all over the country, and the world. In your local area, you may find a gather in a local part where food and entertainment are provided, and a special ceremony honoring Cancer Survivor’s is held. If you know a Cancer Survivor, take some time today to bring them to an event and congratulate them on surviving, and bringing hope to other cancer sufferers everywhere.