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Milk it does the body good, raise a glass


For most mammals, milk was the first food they ever tasted, straight from their mother’s love. This is true for humans as well, but we eventually transition away but still retain our love of this creamy white substance, especially that from the cow. Throughout our youth, we’re raised to believe that milk will make us strong and healthy, and when we aren’t drinking it straight, we’re enjoying it as cheese, chocolate milk, ice cream, and countless other favorites. Whether you’re drinking milk from cows, sheep, goats, or camels, World Milk Day reminds us just how important this substance is in our day to day lives.

History of World Milk Day
This nourishing substance was first put forward for its holiday in 2001 when the FOA sought to have milk recognized as a Global Food that had deep cultural importance to multiple cultures. During World Milk Day the United Nations promotes and sponsors events that elevate the importance of milk both as a nutritional staple of countries everywhere, but also emphasizing its economic importance for countries and small farm owners as well.

An important development for milk took place in 1865 when Louis Pasteur first developed the procedure that still bears his name, pasteurization. Pasteurization is a process that renders milk safe to drink by gently boiling it between 60-100 degrees to eliminate the germs that naturally occur in it. Thanks to Louis Pasteur we can all enjoy milk without fear of contracting any disease it may carry, and it also makes it capable of storing it longer as a result!

How to celebrate World Milk Day
You can celebrate milk in a variety of ways, including visiting a local dairy to learn how the process of milking, pasteurizing, and homogenizing of milk takes place and the role they play in bringing milk to your table. You can also spend time working alongside them or preparing meals that use milk.

Looking for a real adventure? You can also try your hand at making mozzarella cheese. It’s incredibly simple and has an incredible mild flavor with a stretchy consistency that makes it great for snacking and cooking with alike.

Events are usually scheduled that include dairy-based tastings where new types of cheese, yogurt, milk, and even butter are created and brought to share. Even though it’s been with us for thousands of years, World Milk Day reminds us that this important resource is still being used in new and innovative ways!

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