Umbrella Cover Day happens each year, celebrating that most maligned and often neglected part of an umbrella. No, not the umbrella itself, but the umbrella cover. If you’re like most people, including me, you probably just toss them away like they’re just the wrapper to the candy bar you’d like to get too. But that would be a terrible mistake!

Sure they’re mostly just a bland and somewhat sad addition to the umbrella, doing little more than serving as an extra bit of fluff…. Or are they? Umbrella covers help to keep your umbrella protected from accidental damage that can cause holes in the actual umbrella, and in the case of compact umbrellas you can store in your purse or satchel, it helps to keep them from getting stuck on the other items in your bag.

But that’s not all that’s covered with Umbrella Covers!

Umbrella covers aren’t just the things that come with the umbrella itself, some people get particularly excited about these little protective sleeves to get creative and start making their own. We’ve seen R2-D2 umbrella covers, ones made out of carpet and others knitted from yarn, just about anything you can imagine!

So don’t let the fact that a simple and boring cover comes with your umbrella keep you from blinging up your own with a bit of creativity or purchasing a neat one.

Not just for hand-held umbrellas

What? You can’t imagine why you’d need anything fancy for an umbrella that only comes out when it’s raining? Neither can we! I mean, yeah, I’m really fond of my Doctor Who umbrella cover for my portable personal umbrella, but you know what I really like? The fantastic covers I have for the umbrellas that are fitted into my deck furniture! These items sit outside in the rain and sun all year long, and after a while, they lose their bright vibrant colors and begin to fade to a drab shade.

Thankfully, ever since I got my stylish umbrella covers for my porch umbrellas, I haven’t had to see any of that happen. I replaced the umbrellas themselves with something new and vibrant and then made sure to protect them with a UV-Proof treated Umbrella cover. Even better, I keep getting new ones to transition throughout the year. In winter they look like snowmen on top of my tables, while in midsummer they look like sunbathing beauties standing on my tables. Hey, I can dream can’t I?

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