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It’s a well-known fact that milk is rich with calcium, a mineral that promotes healthy teeth and bones. June 1st is the date that has been set aside to celebrate Milk Day. And, of course, this is a celebration that can take place anywhere in the world, given that milk is a global food!

The use of milk in food and drink has been happening for thousands of years. As most people can appreciate, milk is an integral part of most people’s daily lives, and there’s an entire industry that revolves around it as well.

Milk is a liquid food rich with nutrients like calcium. It’s a food product that is primarily used by mammals during infancy. Although, in the case of humans, people tend to consume it in adulthood, as most adult humans can digest the lactose in milk.

Of course, milk isn’t only available for drinking. It’s an essential ingredient for dairy foods such as butter, cream, ice cream, and cheese. Milk can also be found as an ingredient used in other types of foods, such as bread, cakes, cereal, desserts and so much more.

There is no denying that milk has become a mainstay of most people’s diets today. It’s also one of the cheapest food products to buy, given the industrial scale of milk production in the world. Some of the largest producers of milk are the United States, India, and China.

History of Milk Day

Milk Day became a globally celebrated event on June 1st, 2001. The global celebration, in general, can be traced back to the United Nations (UN). In particular, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the UN has been responsible for organizing and marketing World Milk Day throughout the globe.

More than two decades ago, the FAO proposed a global Milk Day to recognize the importance of milk and the role that it plays in our world. In addition, this day was also created to provide direct focus to the milk industry and publicize the various activities connected with it. In fact, the dairy industry supports the livelihoods of approximately 1 billion people throughout the world!

But even before this day was created in 2001, Milk Day was celebrated by some other nations throughout history. In the British Isles, for example, a Milk Day celebration (“Imbolc” – Celtic for “milk”) took place in the pre-Christian era.

Considering the fact that over six billion people worldwide consume milk and dairy, it’s no surprise there was a need to celebrate this healthy, delicious beverage!

How to Celebrate Milk Day

June 1st is a day that many people may want to write their diaries. Milk plays such a significant role in the world that should certainly be celebrated in style!

But what can be done to celebrate such a momentous occasion? Try out some of these ideas for enjoying Milk Day:

Get the Day Started with a Glass of Milk

Why not celebrate today with a glass of fresh, cold milk in the morning to kick-start the day?! But don’t stop there. How about enjoying a big bowl of cereal full of delicious milk?

Of course, after drinking that glass of milk, don’t forget to snap a photo of that beautiful milk mustache! Share it with the world on social media to remind everyone else to enjoy Milk Day too.

Join an Official Milk Day Celebration

As a worldwide event, Milk Day comes with all kinds of official opportunities to celebrate! In 2020, more than 400 Milk Day campaigns took place in over 68 countries all over the globe, so there should be plenty to join in with again this year. Here are some events that have taken place in previous years:

  • World Milk Day Milk Donation. Happening in New York State, USA, several organizations have gotten together to provide a free gallon of milk to the people in their local community who visit a dairy farm.
  • Live Recipes by Renowned Chefs from Around the World. This live Facebook event has been hosted by Amul, India, which is the country’s largest dairy brand, with the intention of showing the importance of milk throughout different countries and cultures.
  • International Dairy Federation Raise a Glass Event. Hosted by the IDF in Brussels, Belgium, this event involved hosting a toast to milk from people all around the world.

Check the World Milk Day website to get access to all the needed information to make plans for this day.

Visit a Local Dairy or Farm

For those who have some extra time, especially those with kids who are ready to learn, consider visiting a local dairy to learn the process of milking cows and collecting the milk. This will also lead to learning about pasteurizing and homogenizing milk, methods used to filter milk and keep it long-lasting.

If there are no cow farms nearby, consider visiting a smaller farm that has goats. It’s still possible to learn about everything milk-oriented but may be more accessible because they might be smaller and locally owned.

Enjoy Other Milk Products

For lunch, why not have a mozzarella or Margherita pizza and drink a glass of chocolate milk to wash it down? After that, those who are still feeling hungry could always have some delicious ice cream for dessert!

Other options for enjoying milk products on this day (and every day!) include yogurt, sour cream, butter, custard, cream and all of the recipes that can be made from them.

Try a Milk Alternative

For folks who have trouble digesting dairy easily, why not try other non-dairy milk alternatives? Here are some popular options:

  • Soy Milk. A favorite as one of the early milk alternatives, this one is made from soybean plants that grow fairly prolifically in many places.
  • Almond Milk. Made by crushing almonds and blending them with water, and then straining out the mix to remove any solids that are left, this nutty milk is filled with protein.
  • Coconut Milk. This one uses the white, fleshy part of the coconut, grating it and soaking it in water. The cream rises and is skimmed off, then what’s left is strained to extract the coconut milk.

Whether with a milk product or a dairy alternative, celebrating World Milk Day can be loads of fun!

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