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Most people either tend to love it or they hate it, and it’s hard to tell which it might be!

Candy Corn–some describe it as waxy and sickeningly sweet, and others just can’t seem to get enough of this seasonal treat. Whether handed out in small packets at Halloween or served in heaping bowls on grandma’s table, Candy Corn is an icon of the season. It’s one of the delightful signs that Autumn is here when Candy Corn starts showing up.

And while some people might not appreciate it as much as others, more than 35 million pounds of candy corn (9 billion individual pieces!) are produced each year, which means there are more than just a few people out there who really love it.

National Candy Corn Day is a great day to enjoy the various aspects of this Fall treat–and get a little sugar rush as well!

History of National Candy Corn Day

In the late 1800’s, George Renniger of the Wunderle Candy Company created this colorful confection to celebrate the beauty of corn, and the beautiful colors that autumn brings along with it. In preparation for winter as a long and cold affair, with electricity not quite having come into common usage, the candy was created as a bright spot. The bright colors of these candies could last throughout, bringing both a visceral joy and a burst of much-needed sugar during the darker time of the year when days are short and nights are long.

Candy Corn was notable partially due to the fact that it was the world’s first tri-color candy! It didn’t hurt that the related companies realized that specialized candy for Halloween was becoming increasingly popular in this era. So more and more styles of Halloween candies became popular during this time of the year. Next on the list to be created by Wunderle were the Candy Pumpkins made from Mellocreme–a very close cousin to Candy Corn that is often sold in the same bag, called Autumn Mix.

And though a little bit will go a long way when it comes to sugar consumption, candy corn is actually fat free. National Candy Corn Day is the celebration of this delicious treat, and everything to follow it in years to come.

How to Celebrate National Candy Corn Day

Get ready to celebrate National Candy Corn Day with all sorts of fun and activities. Try out some of these tips or come up with some creative ideas of your own:

Eat Copious Amounts of Candy Corn

As if it wasn’t obvious, one of the best ways to celebrate National Candy Corn Day is by eating a ginormous amount of candy corn! During this time of year, this sweet and uniquely flavored treat is available from just about any convenience store, grocery store, or candy outlet that can be found in any locale. Given what it’s made of (mostly various forms of sugar!), it also happens to be rather inexpensive, depending on the brand. It can be used for any number of recipes, snacks or fall-themed treats.

Candy Corn Cupcakes

For those who really want to get into the season, get to baking and try a hand at creating candy corn cupcakes. These are best when made from chocolate cake mix and topped with a yellow/orange buttercream frosting. On top of the frosting, place a ring of candy corn, perhaps with a jaunty candy pumpkin at the center. Voila, a holiday treat that can’t be beaten!

Combine Candy Corn Snack Mixes

One of the easiest and most delightful snacks that can be enjoyed around Autumn is the mixing of candy corn with peanuts. Use approximately equal amounts of roasted, salted peanuts and mix them together. Set them out in a bowl at work or with friends and they will magically disappear almost instantly. Reminiscent of a PayDay candy bar, this delightful little treat is fun for parties, family gatherings or simply taken on the go for a personal snack.

To make it a little more interesting (and perhaps a little bit healthier), candy corn can also be added to various types of cereal snack mixes (such as Chex mix) that includes salty pretzels, various types of nuts, and cereal pieces. It’s a delicious sweet and salty combination that is perfect for fall and Halloween celebrations.

Try a Candy Corn Cocktail

This one is just for the grownups to enjoy, perhaps in preparation for the madness that is about to ensue the next day on Halloween! Made from Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka (Smirnoff is one brand) that is infused with candy corn (for 1-2 hours or so), orange juice, and whipped cream. It’s served in a martini glass, of course, which gives it the perfect shape. The vodka turns dark orange, the orange juice shows the yellow layer, and the whipped cream is white. Just like Candy Corn in reverse!

Enjoy Candy Corn Fudge

There’s even candy corn fudge out there, layered in the three colors of candy corn and mimicking the flavor of this delicious treat. They can also be added to brownies, used in peanut butter bars or replace the chocolate chips in traditional cookie recipes.

These are just a few of the recipes out there, and we encourage you to go out, find more, and share them with friends and family alike! Happy Candy Corning!

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