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Who thought it would be a good idea to let food get moldy before eating it? Just thinking about it sounds gross, but this concept has somehow spawned some of the most celebrated and delicious food items that can be found in the world.

However, that still doesn’t completely excuse them from their rather unsavory beginnings. From cave-aged Roquefort to the stomach-churning casu marzu, there are a lot of questionable cheeses out there that will make a person think twice about where their favorite cheese comes from. Perhaps, sometimes, it’s better not to know.

But knowing and celebrating all things cheese-related is what National Cheese Lovers Day is all about!

History of National Cheese Lovers Day

Luckily, there are plenty of tasty cheeses that do not need to grow mold before they are considered to be tasty and enjoyable. Whether it is the versatile, rather hard cheddar cheese or the stringy mozzarella, cheese is one of the world’s most delectable delicacies that can go well with so many dishes. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that National Cheese Lovers Day is actually a thing!

National Cheese Lovers Day is a day dedicated to the celebration of the many different types of cheese in the world, but this day is certainly not exclusive to cheese connoisseurs who have strange or exotic tastes. Instead, it is a day for any average person to celebrate their favorite cheeses while also learning about new ones.

There are plenty of opportunities to taste new cheese, learn how to make your own or even discover new recipes that make ample use of cheese. Anyone is welcome to join in on National Cheese Lovers Day, no matter what type of cheese they enjoy or how they like to eat it.

Few foods have as much of a rich and extravagant history as cheese. Some parts of the world are incredibly protective and proud of the cheeses that they make, and they are particular about the ingredients and techniques that are used to create it. Everything from the source of the milk to the environment in which the cheese is made will impact the unique flavor or smell that the cheese offers.

To make things more exciting, different cheeses can work well in different recipes and it is always fun to try out different blends in the way cheese is incorporated into recipes at home. Spice up that mac and cheese recipe with some artisanal cheese from a market, or try and make your own cheese and then add a bit of personal flair and flavor to it.

The cheese world is a large but inclusive one. Everyone is welcome to celebrate their favorite cheese and no one needs to worry about those cheese snobs that only eat the “finest” expensive cheeses that they’ve imported from across the world. National Cheese Lovers Day is meant for everyone!

How to Celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day

Celebrating National Cheese Lovers Day is easy and fun for just about anyone. Even folks who can’t eat dairy can enjoy some non-dairy cheeses and keep up with the spirit of the day. Try out these ideas for celebrating and enjoying what happens on this day:

Eat Some Cheese

First and foremost, this day doesn’t have to be particularly complicated. Just start by eating some cheese. Whether this means making a fancy cheese-based dish in the kitchen or just slipping in some expensive (or inexpensive) cheese into that sandwich, everyone celebrates National Cheese Lovers Day in their own way. As long as it involves cheese, you’re in!

Host a National Cheese Lovers Day Party

For those who want to get more elaborate with their celebrations, how about inviting some friends and family members over for cheese fondue? This is a great way to celebrate cheese in a way that allows everyone to participate. Of course, fondue is melted cheese for dipping, but there’s no need to melt the cheese.

Those who prefer to can just put out a spread of cheeses on their own, along with some crackers, biscuits, fruits, olives or other treats. Or, share the burden of providing the food and ask every guest to bring a different variety of cheese. Then all of them can be put out for everyone to taste and experiment with.

Learn Fun Facts About Cheese

Those who really qualify as Cheese Lovers will be able to recite these interesting bits of trivia:

  • At least 2000 varieties of cheese exist around the world.
  • Cheese takes up about 10 percent of the volume of the amount of milk it was made from.
  • Queen Victoria received a giant wheel of cheese as a gift for her wedding, weighing over 1,000 pounds.
  • An old law in the US state of Wisconsin used to require restaurants to serve cheese with every meal.

This is a great day to learn how to cook more with cheese!

  • Croûte Savoyarde. Taking cheese on toast to a whole new level, this recipe is an open faced sandwich that is covered with cheese. Then, it is soaked in white wine, piled high with ham and fried eggs, and baked to a delicious crispiness.
  • Cauliflower and Cheese. A healthier take on mac & cheese, this dish is baked up with a dark crispy edge that is delicious and satisfying.
  • Loaded Halloumi Fries. Channel that street food vibe by frying up strips of halloumi cheese and then piling them high with bacon, pomegranate seeds, yogurt sauce, herbs or other preferred toppings.
  • Bubble Monkey Cheese Bread. This pull-apart bread is perfect for sharing. Made up of dough balls that are stuffed with mozzarella, cheddar and jalapenos, it’s perfect when dipped in a marinara or smoky tomato sauce.

Share About Cheese Day

Some people might want to share the fun of National Cheese Lovers Day with friends, family or coworkers. Take cheese to work for lunch and tell a coworker about the day. Other people might light to start by taking pictures of their celebrations and posting to social media. Or they can spread the word by posting pics of them eating their favorite cheese or just strike up a conversation with someone about their preferences. The most important part is finding others who are also Cheese Lovers to celebrate the day with!

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