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“I took a break from eating my chocolate food, to take a drink of my chocolate milkshake. Life is good.”
~ Sararararararara

Rich and creamy, thick and flavorful, there’s little in life that’s as delightful as a nice cold milkshake. Unless, of course, we’re talking specifically about the chocolate milkshake. Chocolate Milkshake Day reminds us that while a milkshake is good, chocolate milkshakes are the absolute king of the castle. So get out there and get yourself a chocolate milkshake to properly celebrate the holiday!

History of Chocolate Milkshake Day
Milkshakes have an interesting beginning, considering that they’re thought of as being the sweet delicious innocence of youth distilled into a creamy, ice-cream based beverage. In the beginning, a milkshake was actually made with whiskey and had a remarkable resemblance to eggnog. This was back in the 1880’s, but when the 1900’s rolled around it was instead referring to a delicious new treat made with ice-cream that was absolutely loved.

These days you can find a milkshake and almost any restaurant you find your way to. Everyone from Mom and Pop restaurants to the ritziest of establishments will have them on the menu, and even when looking at chocolate milkshakes, you’ll find a variety that will be absolutely mind-boggling. Just think of all the way that chocolate is used outside of milkshakes, and you’ll start to get a hint about how far the milkshake extravaganza can go!

When you know that it’s time for a little self-pampering, and when you need that burst of sugar and chocolate to see you through the day, it’s time for a chocolate milkshake. Chocolate Milkshake Day is the perfect excuse to indulge and take care of yourself, you know your inner child hasn’t gorged itself on sweets in too long!

How to Celebrate Chocolate Milkshake Day
It’s time to get crazy, celebrating Chocolate Milkshake Day is not for the weak of heart or the gentle of stomach. Indeed no, there are far too many flavors to experience and culinary flights of fancy to sample! Do you love mint? We know we do, and that’s where the chocolate mint milkshake comes in. Then there’s the madness that is the chocolate cake milkshake, where a chocolate shake finds itself blended with a full slice of chocolate cake right into it. This variety is served with a larger straw because a standard sized one just isn’t up to the task. Now get out there and gobble up all the chocolate milkshakes you can imagine!

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