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For those who are already loving going to the gym or for those who know they want to, Gym Day is the ideal time to show some celebration and appreciation for the motivation and community spirit that comes from working out at a local gym. The whole point of the day is to inspire people to move!

About Gym Day

The purpose of observing Gym Day is to encourage people to take care of their health by becoming more active and making a habit of taking care of their health in their daily lives. Being active not only helps with physical health, but also mental health, confidence and even social connections.

Founded by fitness enthusiasts from the MyFitness sports club in Estonia and Latvia, Gym Day got its start in 2022, building around the idea that September is a time when many people are kick-starting new habits after the summer or fighting against being sedentary as the weather begins to cool. Now, the day is growing in popularity and is celebrated each year by folks who are part of the fitness community – and those who want to join in.

How to Celebrate Gym Day

Considering some ways to celebrate Gym Day this year on your own or with a friend? Check out some of these ideas for getting started:

Work Out at the Gym

Those who already have a gym membership but forget to use it can enlist the help of Gym Day as a motivator. And for those who already go to the gym every day? Perhaps get in a few more reps. Or, even better, bring a friend along to make this workout even more fun. The support of the people at the gym is what makes it so special!

After working out on Gym Day, go ahead and do it again the next day, or at least a few times a week. Create a new habit and see how great it feels!

Try a New Workout at the Gym

Some people get into a routine at the gym by lifting weights or running on the treadmill. Yet, doing the same thing can tend to get boring. A gym is like a playground where you can do it all!

Gym Day is a fun time to try out some new and different types of ways to work out. For instance, try out a hot yoga class, enjoy some rowing, or get a full body workout with HIIT. Whatever type of exercise is new and interesting, whether zoning out with headphones or enjoying time with a friend, this is a great time to get fit.

Consider Getting a Gym Membership

For those who don’t have a membership to a gym, this is the perfect time to join up with a sports club, YMCA or fitness center. On Gym Day, check online to see which local gyms offer a free trial membership or training pass, whether in celebration of the day or just because. And while there, if this particular fitness center doesn’t already know about Gym Day, be sure to spread the word and let them know that they should be celebrating too!

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