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It might seem a little bizarre to have a whole day dedicated to a single dish, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great day! Chop Suey means assorted pieces, and is an American-Chinese dish enjoyed by many as part of their Chinese takeout! It is a dish that is made up of meat, eggs, and vegetables all mixed together to create a tasty treat for those people who are looking for something simple yet delicious! But why does it need a whole day? Well, the answer is simply, why not?

It isn’t even 100% necessary to go to a takeout to enjoy this dish as there are recipes online that give instructions on how to make it at home. Some people prefer to get it from a Chinese place as it might have a more authentic feel, but there really isn’t going to be much difference in terms of celebrating the day whether it is bought or homemade. Post pictures on social media to share with friends and family, and encourage them to take part too.

History Of Chop Suey

To this day, it is still debated where this delicious dish actually came from. Some argue that Chinese immigrants created the dish after they arrived in America, and others will argue that it is a traditional Chinese dish. Either way, you can get it on the takeout menu at your local Chinese, which is all that really matters!

If you head down to your Chinese, you will find that there are probably a few options when it comes to the meat that you can have in your dish, and it would be an awful thing not to enjoy this sumptuous meal when it has a whole day dedicated to it!

Now, Chop Suey Day might not have been around since 1896, but that is when the dish was invented so this is a pretty important date to know! 

How to celebrate Chop Suey Day

Well, this one is fairly simple! Head down to your local Chinese takeout and pick up some delicious Chop Suey. Enjoy this with some rice or noodles to create a tasty main meal. There isn’t much else to do really! 

This event can be observed anywhere that has a local Chinese takeaway, or indeed if someone in the family knows how to make this excellent dish! It isn’t confined to one area of the world, so feel free to participate when it rolls around this year. Remember, it only comes around once a year, so there isn’t always going to be an excuse to sit there and stuff your face with Chinese food!

So, it might sound a little strange and silly to have an entire day devoted to this Chinese-American dish, but who cares? It’s an excuse to order Chinese and watch TV rather than cooking, what more could a person need? Take part in Chop Suey Day this year, and don’t forget to post those pictures onto social media!