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As the old saying goes, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Lemons have been used for a variety of purposes over the years, but none more delicious than lemon juice! It can be used in people’s favorite drinks, wellness products, and even some of the tastiest dishes out there.

Lemons are now one of the main ingredients in a whole range of things, and the juice is the tastiest part, so it is what is used to make up these items. The options are quite literally endless when you think about all the things lemon juice can do, from enhancing flavors in food to giving your hair a lighter color.

National Lemon Juice Day is celebrated once per year, and gives everyone in the world a chance to experience the wonders that lemon juice can do. While this is available every day of the year, there isn’t anything quite like having one whole day dedicated to a product for everyone to get their hands on it and use it in a variety of different ways. Well, it’s not exactly common to wash your hair with lemon juice, but on National Lemon Juice Day, why not?

One of the biggest benefits of this day is that people start to see that there are more to lemons than just lemonade. We have gone through a few of the uses above, but most people don’t know about these and just think of lemon juice as something to put on your pancakes or use in your food.

History of National Lemon Juice Day

Lemons have become more and more popular since 1493 when Christopher Columbus first bought lemons to the New World. Since then, they have been a sign of wealth, a common name for children and became known for their bitter taste.

However, lemon juice has so many uses, it seemed appropriate to dedicate an entire day of the year to it, and thus, National Lemon Juice Day was born. It has been celebrated for many years, although it is hard to say exactly how many take part.

How to celebrate National Lemon Juice Day

Well, what can’t someone do? As long as it involves lemon juice in some way, this counts! In fact, why not set up a lemonade stand to involve as many people as possible in celebrating the day? Or, use it to make something great such as a lemon cake or a chicken dish that will knock the socks off anyone who eats it. Something interesting to try would be to have an entire meal that includes lemon juice in some way.

For example, the main, as well as the dessert, are lemon flavored in the same way! Perhaps even go one step further and plan a trip to France to take part in the French Riviera’s Annual Lemon Festival. Okay, so maybe this one is a little too far, but it would be a nice trip!

So, if National Lemon Juice Day sounds like something to take part in, get the lemonade stand ready and the baking equipment out. Or, add it into a wellness routine to add that little extra something.

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