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Coffee in the morning; coffee and a catch up with old friends; going for coffee with your new hot date – we drink coffee morning, day and night with friends, business associates and lovers. You have only to walk down the nearest high street and note the number of coffee chains to realise the extent of our love affair with our favourite caffeinated beverage.

Learn about International Coffee Day

Whether you favour espresso, americanos, lattes or cappuccinos; iced, decaf, instant or filter – Coffee Day is the day to savour and appreciate your beverage, and maybe even pick one up for free at certain chains in the USA.

We all know that coffee tastes amazing. Plus, many of us are aware of the fact that it can give us a much-needed energy boost. After all, this is why we tend to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, right? However, did you know that the benefits of coffee extend a lot further than this?

Coffee can help to burn fat, as it can increase your metabolic rate by as much as 11 percent. Coffee also contains a number of essential nutrients, including niacin, magnesium (vitamin B3), potassium, manganese, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), and riboflavin (vitamin B2). Coffee has also been shown to enhance physical performance drastically!

If that was not enough, coffee is the greatest antioxidant source in the Western Diet. Coffee can also help you to live longer according to a number of different studies, as well as helping to fight depression and making you feel happier. This is something that has been noted in a study that was published by Havard.

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History of International Coffee Day

Coffee Day also marks the long history of the drink: the properties of coffee beans are thought to have first been discovered in Ethiopia. The beans are actually the pits found in the coffee berry or cherry. The story goes that a 9th century goat herder noticed their stimulating effects on his goats and began experimenting.

Coffee drinking was originally popularised in the Arab world from around the 15th century spreading across Asia then to Italy and across Europe and to the Americas – and finally to your coffee cup.

Today, coffee is one of the world’s biggest crops so buying ethically grown coffee is all the more important – be sure to be selective in buying your cup of coffee and supporting ethical trade.

So when you drink your cup of coffee today, inhale its aroma, taste it’s dark and full-bodied flavour, think about its story – but most of all enjoy.

How to celebrate International Coffee Day

Of course, the best way to celebrate International Coffee Day is with a delicious cup of coffee! There are so many different types of coffee. You can take your coffee black, and there are lots of different types of coffee, differing in strength and richness. You can then choose from coffees such as lattes, americanos, cappuccinos, and much more! Why not use today to try a specialty coffee from another country, such as Cypriot coffee? A lot of countries have their own special way of preparing this drink, so it is always fun to try something new.

You could also plan an event in honor of International Coffee Day, ensuring you support the industry by renting a coffee van for the occasion. Coffee van rental has become a really sought after service for those looking to run events, conferences, parties or such like. The reasoning is sound: people absolutely love coffee in our modern society. It has gone from being a delicacy or speciality to an everyday substance, and millions of cups are consumed worldwide each and every hour. But is popularity the only benefit?

Not at all. If you’re running a corporate event, coffee can act as a brilliant icebreaker. It allows people who may not normally approach one another to start up a conversation and get networking while waiting for their coffee to be served. If you’re running a booth or stand at an exhibition, an espresso coffee van or cart will attract a high number of possible clients by its smell alone. Your team can introduce themselves, converse or even pitch ideas to potential investors interested in your product or service over freshly brewed beverages. Some coffee providers can even accommodate custom branding, so that the cart, van, stall, espresso cups, napkins and even cupcakes are emblazoned with your company’s logo or message. As you can see, the uses of coffee and the benefits extend a lot further than people realize, and International Coffee Day presents you with the perfect opportunity to make the most of this!

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