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As populations of cities continue to be on the rise, the necessity to improve infrastructures of cities to be more ‘green’ is a vital part of protectin the planet.

Sometimes referred to as sustainable cities or eco cities, the concept of green cities has been around since the 1960s when city planners began thinking more about the ideas behind urban development.

While it’s hard to go backwards in cities that have already been established, many cities all over the world are working hard to re-organize, re-structure and plan for more growth and development in ways that are oriented toward being sustainable.

National Green City Day is here to highlight the honorable work that goes into building green cities, to celebrate those cities that have set a standard for sustainability and to encourage other cities to do their part in making the world more environmentally-friendl and providing healthier spaces for its citizens.

History of National Green City Day

The inaugural celebration of National Green City Day took place in 2022. The event was established in cooperation with Monica Tierney who is the CEO of Mio Reggio, a company that focuses on making toys for children as sustainable as possible.

The hope is that National Green City Day will grow and expand to be observed in more places throughout the planet!

How to Celebrate National Green City Day

Green up and consider some of these ways to get involved with National Green City Day:

Learn About the Greenest Cities

One excellent way to learn about how to make all cities more sustainable is to take a look at some of the world’s greenest cities and try to emulate them. Check out some of these notable places in celebration of National Green City Day:

  • Copenhagen, Denmark. This capital city has a population of 660,000 and there are more than 740,000 bicycles – which is five times more than cars. The encouragement to cycle makes the air cleaner and the people healthier.
  • Gothenburg, Sweden. This Scandinavian city has strong environmental policies and is working to make the entire city emissions free by 2030.
  • Glasgow, Scotland. This city in the north of the UK has a goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Bordeaux, France. In the southern part of the country, this city’s goal is to be carbon neutral, have 100% renewable energy, and cut air pollution in half by 2050.

Make the Local City Greener

Each individual pearson in their city can do their part on National Green City Day by making choices that are more eco-friendly.

Carpool or cycle to work. Go plastic-free. Grow a community garden. Or organize an event that will gather other like-minded people in the community to make plans for actions that will produce more green cities!

Campaign for Green Cities

Citizens all over the world can make a difference on National Green City Day by speaking up, signing petitions, lobbying, running for office, working with environmental charities, and more.

Each person can make their voice heard and, together, cities can work toward protecting the environment while living more responsibly and sustainably.

Join up with the Envirnomental Protection Agency’s efforts toward making greener communities across the US.

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