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Cars and the automotive industry have been a part of American culture for many decades. While the 1920s showed a few million registered car owners in the US, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the nation became the world’s largest manufacturer of automobiles, making its mark on culture and on the world. 

These cars from years past have now become valuable due to their age and other factors, with restoration taking on life as a hobby for some or a full-time job for others. Collector Car Appreciation Day is here to celebrate these unique cars and the people who love them!

History of Collector Car Appreciation Day

Collector Car Appreciation Day has been celebrated since 2010 when it was established through the efforts of two US Senators who sponsored the Senate Resolution in support of the event, which was eventually also recognized by the House of Representatives. The idea behind the day was to show appreciation for and give respect to the impact that restored and collected cars have made on American culture.

During the inaugural celebration of Collector Car Appreciation Day, hundreds of events and activities were organized all over the nation to celebrate and recognize the day. Different activities included ‘drive your classic car to work’ displays, car cruises in various communities, or open houses for small businesses who work in the collector car industry.

Since then, Collector Car Appreciation Day has been celebrated annually with the hopes of including more people and communities in recognizing the importance of the classic automobile in everyday American life and as an important influencer of culture.

How to Celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day

Consider some of these ideas for getting involved with the celebration of Collector Car Appreciation Day:

Attend Collector Car Day Events

Those who are interested in celebrating Collector Car Appreciation Day Events can do a little online search to find out what is scheduled to take place in the local area. Or, for more information from one of the sponsors of the day, the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) offers a listing of each year’s event on their website.  

Show Appreciation for Car Collectors

Know a person who collects or loves cars? Know someone who is a dedicated restorer of cars? Give them a bit of acknowledgement and praise in celebration of Collector Car Appreciation Day. Post on social media in their honor to raise awareness for the event. Or, just post a picture of a favorite classic car that has been restored and get others excited about this day.

Host a Collector Car Day Event

One way that businesses, organizations and special interest groups can get involved with Collector Car Appreciation Day might be to host an event that is related to classic cars, collector cars or restoring cars. This could be something small like an open house at a local business, or a larger community gathering that includes local celebrities, speeches, concerts and more. There is no end to the kind of creative activities that can be held for the entire family to have fun in communities large and small!

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