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There’s some fantastic memories for people that center around the classic venue of the drive-in theater. Whether it’s sitting with your sweetheart clinging to you as you watch the latest horror flick rolling on the giant silver screen, or laughing with your family in the back of your pickup truck at the most recent family comedy, there is something amazing about the Drive-In. Drive-In Movie Day celebrates this age old tradition, and helps to bring awareness to the fact that there are still dozens of these facilities open and operating all over the U.S.

History of Drive-In Movie Day

This history of Drive-In Movie Day is literally the history of the Drive-In theater, and how it was born out of one son’s love for his mother. In 1933 Richard Hollingshead noticed a recurring problem with theaters, his mother simply was unable to find a comfortable way to sit in the seats provided by the theaters, but loved the cinema. He started trying to come up with a solution, but reinventing the theater seat just didn’t seem a viable solution.

They were already designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort possible while still packing in as many people as possible. With some time and a lot of experimentation, Richard slowly starting find the best combination of elements for an outdoor movie viewing experience. This was more difficult than it sounded as he dealt with issues like protection from the rain, best placement of cars for maximum viewing ability, and how to get the sound to broadcast in a reliable and enjoyable way. Daunting though the task was, he wasn’t going to allow it to get in the way of his ambition, and in May of 1933 he received a patent and opened his first theater.

After the success of Park-In Theaters, Inc, the idea spread like wildfire, and drive-in theaters were soon appearing in cities all over the U.S. They reigned as king of the movie-going experience ever since, until things started to decline in recent years. Efforts are made to preserve them and keep them in operation, and there are 500 still running all over the US.

How to celebrate Drive-In Movie Day

This is one of the best holidays ever, you just have to get out with your friends and family and take a trip down to your local Drive-In Movie Theater and take in your favorite film. Drive-In theaters are often cheaper than regular theaters, and on a nice night can be a much more pleasant experience as you lounge out on the grass or hang out in the back of your truck. Some people even barbeque at the ones that allow it. So go out and see this artifact of movie history and enjoy a drive-in movie before the last theater disappears!