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They’re a common part of any modern day garment, buttons. They’re found on our shirts, our jackets, our pants and pockets, buttonfly jeans are a popular alternative to zipper pants. Buttons get in everywhere, and come in every imaginable shape and size, and counting your buttons can be both practical and fun.

Just think how much more difficult your life would be if the button was never invented. What would you use to fasten your shirt closed? Count Your Buttons day is a great opportunity to make sure all your garments are in order, and to ruminate on the idea of a life without these useful tools.

History of Count Your Buttons Day

Buttons have been around nearly as long as we’ve had clothing, being used for decoration and securing different pieces of clothing. There is a beautiful history of buttons all throughout the world, from the earliest buttons as seashells straight through to the gorgeous Czech glass buttons with their ornate designs.

It wasn’t until sometime in the 13th Century in Germany that buttonholes first made an appearance and it was almost immediately a sensation, with them being nearly ubiquitous by the 14th century. From that point forward buttons have been involved in every new clothing design that’s come up, and there has yet to be an era of clothing that hasn’t been graced by these wonderful notions.

How to Celebrate Count Your Buttons Day

The first and foremost method of celebrating Count Your Buttons Day is to do just that! Count your buttons! This is basically a way of ensuring that all your garments have all their fasteners, and that everything is in order.

Buttons have a fascinating history, and there’s also a great hobby to be found in counting your buttons. There are button enthusiasts all over the world who have a frankly immense collection of buttons from every era and manufacturer. Bone Buttons, plastic buttons, bronze, and glass, even metal and wood, the types of buttons you can collect are limitless!

If you’re a true button enthusiast, you could even organize a get together of those in your area to celebrate the wonders that are buttons. Button enthusiasts love to get together and examine each others collections, as well as trading those they have duplicates of to get a rare or never before seen piece.

Get out there and explore the great big world of buttons on Count Your Buttons Day.