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We couldn’t agree more, especially if those donuts are filled with delicious cream!

These delightful confections are popular in almost any venue. In fact, a super quick way to win the adoration of various coworkers or family members is by bringing in a couple dozen donuts to lighten the mood and satisfy those sugar cravings. Because, who doesn’t like the guy that brings donuts?!

National Cream Filled Donut Day celebrates everything related to these delicious treats and their most excellent of innovations, cream filling. What kind of cream filled donut is best for National Cream Filled Donut Day? All of them, of course!

History of National Cream Filled Donut Day

The history of National Cream Filled Donut Day is unsurprisingly tied to the history of the donut. The concept of a fried bread ring isn’t in any way new.

But for those who are interested in the earliest version of what are now called donuts, they may find their way to New Amsterdam in the New World. Don’t know where that is? It’s a bit like Constantinople, which is now known as Istanbul. New Amsterdam, of course, is now New York City! (Confused yet? Hang in there!)

In what is now known as New York City in the United States, the settlers from Denmark had a cake that they called (rather unappetizingly) “oil cake”, or “olykoek”. Strange as the name was, this cake was the predecessor to what is now known as the donut!

By 1803, a cookbook was published that contained a recipe for making donuts. From then on, it didn’t take long for this new culinary invention to become the delicious treat everyone knows and loves today. Donuts have a reputation as a singularly American food, in spite of their Dutch and European origins.

To start with, donuts had been braided, or simply dropped into the oil as a small round loaf, leaving the center doughy and the exterior greasy. The ring shape that everyone now knows and loves came into being when Hanson Gregory, working on a lime-trading ship, punched a hole in the traditionally dense donut to make it cook more thoroughly while frying it. The light flavor and fluffy texture of the cooked dough were exactly what he was looking for and afterward he taught the procedure to his mother.

Elizabeth Gregory made a delightfully savory donut with cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon rind, and then filled the center with a mixture of hazelnuts or walnuts to replace the missing dough. While the person who decided that crème would make a delightful filling isn’t recorded, we do know that it all started here with Elizabeth Gregory and her idea of filling donuts.

Now it’s time to celebrate and enjoy National Cream Filled Donut Day!

How to Celebrate National Cream Filled Donut Day

Wondering the best way to celebrate this wonderful day? Try out these ways or come up with some other creative ideas:

Eat (and Share) Cream Filled Donuts

The easiest way to celebrate National Cream Filled Donut Day is by bringing in a big order of donuts to your work or school where everyone will be sure to appreciate them! Head over to a chain donut shop, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme or Tim Hortons. Or pop into a locally operated donut shop to support folks in the surrounding community. Grab a dozen (or two!) of cream filled donuts and make everyone’s day a little bit brighter.

Make Cream Filled Donuts at Home

Those who are feeling really adventurous might even want to try making their own cream filled donuts. However, it’s not exactly a feat for the faint of heart. Okay, actually it’s not that bad, it just requires making a donut dough using flour, water. sugar, yeast and letting it rise. Then form it into round donuts and deep fry them.

Once the donut has reached a nice golden brown, remove it from the oil and let it cool. Then, once it is at an appropriate temperature, simply take a pastry funnel and fill it with whatever flavor of cream is a favorite! Perhaps banana cream or chocolate cream. Or fill with vanilla custard, then spread some chocolate frosting on top to make it a Boston Cream.

Make a double batch so there will be plenty to share with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to help them enjoy National Cream Filled Donut Day also. Those who are well practiced at making donuts might even host a donut-making party to share the experience with others as well.

Get a Discount on Cream Filled Donuts

Some donut chains have been known to offer discounts or even give aways in honor of days like National Cream Filled Donut Day. Try out these international chains to see what offers they might have going to help out the celebration:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts. The largest donut company in the world, Dunkin’ offers stores in more than 30 countries. Try a Chocolate Cream, Bavarian Cream, Vanilla Cream or Boston Cream donuts.
  • Tim Hortons. Originating in Canada, this chain has stores in 13 countries around the globe including Saudi Arabia, Mexico, China and the UK. Try out the Boston Cream donut or other seasonal favorites from this delicious donut maker.
  • Krispy Kreme. This donut chain has been around since. And although they are famous for their plain glazed donuts, they certainly don’t shy away from filling them with cream too! Try a Chocolate Creme Filled Donut, Vanilla Creme Filled Donut or a Dulce de Leche for some delightful caramel flavors.

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