Custodial Worker Day is an annual celebration where people get together to pay tribute to and give their thanks to those men and women who work tirelessly to clean and maintain the many buildings that are used for all kinds of reasons on a daily basis. The purpose is to show these maintenance workers that all they do is recognised and appreciated, and to prevent them from feeling like what they are doing is an otherwise thankless job.

The day is particularly celebrated within organisations which rely heavily on custodial workers to ensure that everything is up to scratch, keep their buildings looking pristine and to create an enjoyable working space for their staff and clients.

Schools are educational institutions are also amongst those who are most reliant on custodial workers, and school kids, teachers and staff are encouraged to show their thanks and celebrate Custodial Worker Day too. Celebrations include holding custodial worker themed parties and gatherings as well as giving cards and gifts to custodial workers.

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