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Dementia Awareness Week is a key time of action. It’s time to step up your game on behalf of those who live with the disease.

Dementia Awareness Week means different things while being significant to many different people. But one thing about it is the same.

It should bring us all increased understanding, greater awareness, and moral support for families who are coping with a loved one’s diagnosis. 

History of Dementia Awareness Week

Dementia Awareness Week was created through the hard work of the Alzheimer’s Society, which was founded in 1979. It rapidly became the United Kingdom’s leading dementia charity. 

Their motto is the following: “United against dementia.” But that statement is not a mere platitude. Instead, it is their prime directive.

The organization’s key commitment is twofold. First, the Alzheimer’s Society supports people with dementia. Second, the AS leads the charge in seeking a cure.

This week-long event reminds each of us that there’s still an almost insurmountable amount of work to be done as we continue battling dementia. It will take all of us to win this war.

The week-long event came in response to the growing worldwide spread of dementia. Dementia has several forms, most notable these three:

Sadly, this disease continues to destroy the lives of millions. It’s also one of the key causes of disability and dependency among older people around the globe.

The Alzheimer’s Society has maintained the battle cry for more dementia research. Their steadfast goal is simple – to help the public.

Their ultimate payoff is improved care and treatment for those who suffer. But it’s also the education of the families involved. Their efforts underline the urgency of finding a way to cure dementia. This ever-elusive cure will make a world of difference for patients and their caregivers.

How to Celebrate Dementia Awareness Week

Here are six ways you can honor Dementia Awareness Week:

Educate Yourself and Others

Dementia can affect anyone. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just the elderly who receive the diagnosis. Use Dementia Awareness Week to learn about the different types of dementia.

You might also take a few moments to brush up on their symptoms. Then dig even deeper to learn more about the challenges those living with the condition face daily.

Share your findings with your friends or family members. Information is the key to better understanding.

Join a Dementia Awareness Week Campaign

Organizations like the Alzheimer’s Society offer many opportunities to join in their week-long events. Whether you give your time or fund campaigns, your participation can make a real difference.

With your help, the AS will continue improving the lives of those with dementia.

Attend or Organize Events

Dementia Awareness Week is full of events. For example, your local hospital may offer talks or workshops. Perhaps a local community organization could host a dementia fundraiser.

Participate in those activities. Don’t see anything interesting happening in your area during Dementia Awareness Week?

Then, you might consider organizing one to spread awareness. Your support of this cause can have a positive direct impact on the local community.

Social Media Support of Dementia Awareness Week

Use your social media prowess to spread the word about Dementia Awareness Week. Share stories and informational posts.

Or, mention your support of this good cause. Your influence can contribute to better-informed, honest conversations about dementia.

Advocate for Better Care and Support

Advocacy for dementia is crucial. This week, take the time to learn about the policies affecting dementia care. Once you understand the roadblocks, use your voice.

Dementia Awareness Week is an excellent time to advocate for support systems for people with dementia.

Connect and Share Stories

Do you personally know someone affected by dementia? Please take a moment this week to contact them or their caretaker. Sharing stories or reminiscing can be a powerful way to connect and provide support.

By participating in Dementia Awareness Week, you support an important effort to find solutions for a condition that impacts millions of people. During this one week of action, you can spark changes that last a lifetime.

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