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Diabetes, a disease that impacts blood glucose levels, currently affects more than 38 million Americans, which is over 11% of the population. Another 97 million people in the US have prediabetes, which has the potential to become diabetes.

Diabetes Alert Day allows individuals, families, medical professionals, nutritionists, and others to spread awareness and information to help protect their communities and promote better health.

History of Diabetes Alert Day

Diabetes Alert Day was founded in 1986 by the American Diabetes Association as an awareness program encouraging people all over the nation to understand the risks associated with diabetes.

In addition, everyone is encouraged to consider their family history, lifestyle habits, and other factors that might put them at risk for diabetes.

How to Observe Diabetes Alert Day

Show care for family, friends, and community by engaging in different activities in celebration of Diabetes Alert Day. Check out some of these ideas to participate:

Take the Diabetes Risk Test

The American Diabetes Association has created a test that helps individuals determine whether they should see a medical professional right away about concerns that could be related to diabetes.

It’s an easy test that only takes 60 seconds to complete! It will let a person know by their answers to questions, such as height, weight, ethnicity, and family history if they are more likely to have diabetes.

Of course, this type of survey is not a substitute for seeing a doctor and getting regular health checkups, but it could be a helpful tool.

Consider Facts & Statistics About Diabetes

Take some time to learn about and share some of the important facts related to this medical condition in honor of Diabetes Alert Day.

Since 9 out of 10 cases of diabetes in the US would be preventable with a healthier lifestyle, it’s vital to raise awareness to let people know that their health is within their control! Take a look at some of these facts and share them with a friend:

  • The number of people with diabetes worldwide almost quadrupled from 1980 to 2014
  • Diabetes is a contributor to kidney disease, heart attack, stroke, lower limb amputation, and even death
  • In 2019, diabetes was responsible for at least 2 million deaths
  • Of those who are living with diabetes, approximately 8 million aren’t aware that they have it

Learn More About Preventing Diabetes

Diabetes Alert Day is here to help people better understand how some of their habits and lifestyle choices might be contributing to poor health.

Diabetes is a medical condition that is controllable both with medicines as well as with healthy eating and exercise. In many cases, diabetes is preventable with a few conscious choices, such as these:

  • Drink water as the primary beverage and avoid sugary drinks)
  • Be physically active every day – walk, move, exercise, play sports, etc.
  • Make healthy food choices such as more plant foods and fewer carbs
  • Lose excess weight and stop smoking

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