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Did you know that Maryland Day is a special day celebrated every year on March 25th? This day is set aside to honor Maryland’s history and heritage. It marks the anniversary of the first European settlers’ arrival in Maryland in 1634.

These settlers, led by the Calvert family, landed on St. Clement’s Island in the Potomac River. They held a ceremony to give thanks for their safe journey, which laid the foundation for the state of Maryland.

Maryland Day became an official state holiday in 1916. Yet, it had been observed in schools as a day to learn about the state’s history since 1903.

On this day, schools and communities across Maryland engage in various activities to celebrate and educate people about Maryland’s rich past. It’s not just a day off; it’s a day of learning and appreciation for the state’s contributions to the wider history of the United States.

Why do we celebrate it? Maryland Day provides a great opportunity to reflect on what makes Maryland unique, from its role in American history to the symbols like the Baltimore Oriole and the Black-Eyed Susan.

It’s a day when Marylanders can feel proud of their state’s significant contributions, including its pivotal roles in the history of religious freedom in America and as a cradle of colonial history​.

History of ​Maryland Day

Maryland Day marks a significant event in the state’s history, celebrated each year on March 25th. This date commemorates the arrival of the first European settlers in Maryland in 1634.

These settlers, aboard two ships, the Ark and the Dove, landed at St. Clement’s Island on the Potomac River. They conducted a ceremony to give thanks for their safe arrival. That occurrence is considered the birth of Maryland.

The official recognition of Maryland Day as a state holiday began in 1903, primarily in schools. It was a day dedicated to teaching students about Maryland’s history.

In 1916, the celebration became an official state holiday after a declaration by the Maryland General Assembly. This move was part of an effort to foster an appreciation of the state’s historical significance and its contributions to American history.

How to Celebrate ​Maryland Day

Today, Maryland Day is observed with various activities and events that highlight the state’s rich heritage. Schools play a key role in these celebrations, providing educational programs about Maryland’s past.

The day serves as a reminder of the state’s role in early American history and its ongoing contributions to the national story.

Dive into History

Why not start with a splash into the past? On Maryland Day, one can visit Historic St. Mary’s City, where costumed actors bring 1634 to life.

Imagine chatting with a blacksmith or watching colonial cooking demonstrations. It’s not just educational; it’s like stepping through a time portal!

Set Sail on a Learning Adventure

Hop aboard a replica of the Dove, one of the original ships that carried settlers to Maryland. These tours offer a gust of fresh bay air and tales of high-seas adventure. Who knew learning could feel like a pirate voyage?

Feast Like a Colonist

Indulge in some 17th-century cuisine with a modern twist. Restaurants across Maryland might feature menu specials that include dishes inspired by the state’s rich history. With every bite of these thematic treats, one can taste history, literally!

Trek the Scenic Routes

Grab those hiking boots and explore the scenic trails winding through Maryland’s state parks. Each step is an opportunity to discuss Maryland’s natural beauty and its role in the state’s history. Keep an eye out for historical markers!

Arts and Crafts Festivities

Get those hands busy with Maryland-themed arts and crafts sessions available in many community centers.

It’s perfect for kids and adults alike to create something unique while soaking in the state’s pride. Craft a mini Dove ship or paint the Maryland flag!

Each of these suggestions offers a unique way to connect with Maryland’s history and culture, ensuring Maryland Day is not just another date on the calendar but a lively celebration of heritage​.

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