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Every February 23rd
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National Dog Biscuit Day
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Every dog has its day – and this is it. Nobody seems to know the origins of Dog Biscuit Day, but every canine in the world knows the best way to celebrate it. Pets will be wagging their tails with glee when their owners serve up unusual or home-made doggy snacks to mark the occasion.

The first dog biscuits were developed in the mid-19th century by American manufacturer James Spratt. He came up with the idea after he visited Liverpool in England, where he observed stray dogs hungrily tucking into ship’s biscuits. The first Spratts biscuits were produced in London, with a secret recipe including both meat and vegetables.

Today, dog biscuits are often used in training and as rewards in the show ring. There are even special types of biscuit which clean dogs’ teeth – so giving your best friend a treat can help to keep him healthy!

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